2024 Candidates Fret Over How To Deal With Beijing

The United States’ tangled and increasingly fraught relationship with China is emerging center stage in the 2024 presidential campaign

View Source | September 6, 2023 8:11 am

  • Republican candidates vying to succeed Joe Biden in the Oval Office are showcasing a range of hawkish policies designed to counter the threat from Beijing.
  • Republican focus is mirrored by the Democratic administration of Joe Biden, which has defined China as the main US strategic rival and this week dispatched the commerce secretary, Gina Raimondo, as part of a coordinated diplomatic offensive aimed at resetting ties.
  • How well Biden survives Republican attacks on his China policy may depend on voters’ perceptions of what constitutes strength versus weakness.
  • “I think China will be an enduring issue because people have started to realize, particularly Republican voters, that while foreign policy generally reflects what’s happening abroad, when it relates to China’s economic and military status, that really does affect us at home,” said Carrie Filipetti, executive director of the Vandenberg Coalition.

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