204 Homicides in Chicago During Mayor Johnson’s First 100 Days | The Gateway Pundit | by Margaret Flavin

When Chicagoans elected radical socialist Mayor Brandon Johnson in April, did they think his weak approach on crime would make the city a safer place?

Johnson stepped into the disaster left by failed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot with rampant, out of control crime.

During Johnson’s first month in office, there were increases in almost all major crimes in Chicago with total crime growing 38% over the same time last year.

Johnson seems to be more concerned with “word crimes” than actual crimes.

When a mob ransacked a South Loop convenience store,  Johnson referred to it as a teen “trend”—and not a “mob action” telling reporters it was inappropriate “to refer to children as, like, baby Al Capones.”

Now, 100 days in after doubling down on Chicago leadership’s soft-on-crime approach,

Wire Points reports:

Unfortunately, Johnson has refused to even try to tamp down on crime during his first 100 days. If anything, he’s doubled down on the city’s long-running soft-on-crime approach. He continues to reject calling out the city’s violence for what it is, downplaying mob actions and resorting to semantics. And he keeps talking and talking about ‘root causes,’ but refuses to stop what’s happening nightly on the city’s streets.

His failure to act means the bloodshed continues. New Chicago Police CompStat numbers show during Johnson’s first 100 days a total of 204 murders – far more than the mayor’s two immediate predecessors. And in all, major crimes during Johnson’s first 100 days are up 25 percent compared to the same time period last year.


The 204 homicide total during Johnson’s first 100 days is 25 percent higher than it was under Lori Lightfoot’s first 100 days and 33 percent higher compared to Rahm Emanuel’s back in 2011.

Image: Wirepoints.com