Ahead of GOP Debate, MSNBC Claimed ‘Woke’ is the New ‘N-Word’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance

Has everyone at MSNBC gone completely insane?

Prior to the GOP debate on Wednesday night, one of their hosts focused on the word ‘woke’ and suggested that you would hear that word repeated at the debate, a claim that turned out to be totally wrong.

Then, the host brought on a guest who suggested that the word ‘woke’ has been hijacked by the right and suggested that it is the new ‘n-word.’

Townhall reported:

MSNBC Claims This Is the New ‘N-Word’

Jose Diaz-Balart told viewers it was time to “talk a little bit about” the first GOP primary debate and said “there is one word voters should expect to hear” from the stage: “woke.”

According to Diaz-Balart, the word “means so many different things to different people” before asking “where does it come from?” and tossing the segment to MSNBC Correspondent Trymaine Lee.

Lee explained that, “for generations, the term woke was a part of black American inspeak, it meant to keep your eyes open, stay aware to the forces that might be around you that might want to cause you harm, be vigilant. But in recent years its been co-opted, some would say hijacked by far-right wing conservatives and turned into anything but a feeling of awareness,” Lee argued before playing a compilation of Republican presidential candidates using the term “woke” in public remarks and interviews.

“Woke has become a charged political catch-all phrase often used as a battering ram and a battle cry, and to many, a slur,” Lee said before an interview subject says using “woke” is “almost another way of saying black, it’s another way of saying the n-word.”

The left is simply incapable of discussing politics without dragging the divisiveness of race into absolutely everything.

It’s pathetic.