America is Experiencing a Shortage of Police Officers, Reports Media That Helped Cause the Problem | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance

Don’t you love it when the media helps to cause a problem by advancing a leftist narrative, then reports on the problem as if they’re an innocent bystander just covering the news?

The United States has a police officer shortage right now. The media is partly to blame for this, but they’ll never admit it.

They will never come right out and say that they advanced the left’s demonization of the police for months at the behest of the activist left.

From NBC News:

The U.S. is experiencing a police hiring crisis

America is in the midst of a police officer shortage that many in law enforcement blame on the twofold morale hit of 2020 — the coronavirus pandemic and criticism of police that boiled over with the murder of George Floyd by a police officer. From Minnesota to Maine, Ohio to Texas, small towns unable to fill jobs are eliminating their police departments and turning over police work to their county sheriff, a neighboring town or state police…

At least 521 U.S. towns and cities with populations of 1,000 to 200,000 disbanded policing between 1972 and 2017, according to a peer-reviewed 2022 paper by Rice University Professor of Economics Richard T. Boylan.

In the past two years, at least 12 small towns have dissolved their departments…

At the heart of the problem is the exodus from law enforcement. Officer resignations were up 47% last year compared to 2019 — the year before the pandemic and Floyd’s killing — and retirements are up 19%.

Do the people at NBC News think no one understands how this happened?

The whole concept of ‘Defund the Police’ should go down in history as one of the dumbest things ever suggested.