‘Armed And Dangerous’: Two Teenage Inmates Knock Out Georgia Deputy, Escape Custody

Georgian law enforcement is out on the prowl for two “armed and dangerous” teenage inmates who escaped custody Thursday after allegedly knocking out a deputy.

Two escaped teen inmates have been listed as Corinthian Newton, a 15-year-old, and Brandon Davis, a 14-year-old, according to Georgia’s Burke County Sheriff’s Office, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. (RELATED: Handcuffed Car Theft Suspect Escaped Custody, Philadelphia Police Say)

Newton and Davis managed to subdue Milo Perry, a deputy from Jenkins County, by allegedly hitting the officer with his own gun until he was unconscious, according to a Facebook post by Jenkins County Sheriff’s Office.

“The individuals were able to obtain Deputy Perry’s gun which was used to hit Deputy Perry to render him unconscious. The individuals were able to shoot off 3 rounds in Deputy Perry’s direction. Deputy Perry was NOT shot,” police noted in the post. Jenkins County Sheriff’s Office also noted that Perry was taken to the hospital following the incident. 

The duo were being held at the Augusta Regional Youth Detention Center and still had on their jumpsuits at the time of their escape, deputies told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The escape reportedly occurred when the pair were being transported back to the detention center. Burke County Sheriff’s Office advised all residents to lock their doors “and report any suspicious individuals to 911 immediately,” the outlet reported.

Another prisoner escape occurred in Idaho Wednesday when the prison transport that one inmate was on was allegedly shot up by an unknown gunman. The gunman managed to shoot two correctional officers, with a third officer being shot by mistake by a Boise police officer. None of the officers lost their lives in the attack.

“This brazen, violent, and apparently coordinated attack on Idaho Department of Corrections personnel, to facilitate an escape of a dangerous inmate, was carried out right in front of the Emergency Department, where people come for medical help, often in the direst circumstances,” Boise police chief Ron Winegar told the press. The chief confirmed that the mysterious gunman and the inmate were presumed to be “armed, dangerous” and willing to dispense violence.