Atlanta Residents Go Wild and Scream “Free Trump” As His Motorcade Rolls Through Urban Neighborhoods (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Anthony Scott

As Trump’s motorcade left the Fulton County Jail, his motorcade was met by hundreds of Atlanta residents lining up the street to catch of glimpse of the 45th president.

Videos on Twitter show residents of Atlanta ecstatic that Trump’s motorcade was driving through their neglected neighborhoods.

Many of the residents were heard on video shouting, “Free Trump.”


Democrats would want you to believe that the urban parts of Atlanta are chanting “lock him up” however the exact opposite is occurring and residents are gleefully shouting “free Trump.”

Before Trump was booked his supporters also lined up in the streets.


Per USA News:

Roads between the Atlanta airport and the Fulton County Jail were blocked off as former President Donald Trump arrived in a motorcade to turn himself in on charges related to his efforts to remain in power after his 2020 election loss, giving the scene something of a presidential aura.

But Trump was going to do something no other president has ever done — surrender for booking on criminal charges and have a mug shot taken.

As word spread that Trump was on his way, demonstrators near the main entrance on the Rice Street side of the jail lined security barricades two to three deep. There were more Trump supporters than opponents braving the intense Georgia summer heat, but both groups were outnumbered by media. The crowd, which began gathering in the morning, had grown as the hour of Trump’s booking approached.