Attorney Tony Buzbee: After a Five-Month Investigation, Texas Special Prosecutors Can’t Locate Evidence of Ken Paxton’s Alleged Bribery | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hᴏft

Attorney General Ken Paxton is the one man who has stood up against the Democrat-Marxist onslaught in the great state of Texas. Democrats and Secret Sleeper Republicans hate him for this.

The Republican-led Texas House in May impeached highly popular Attorney General Ken Paxton over allegations of misconduct.

The 20 articles include “bribery, unfitness for office and abuse of public trust” – according to the Associated Press.

Paxton has been placed on administrative leave until the result of the Senate trial.

The impeachment comes after Paxton called on Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan to resign and accused him of being drunk in the Capitol.

“After much consideration, it is with profound disappointment that I call on Speaker Dade Phelan to resign at the end of this legislative session. Texans were dismayed to witness his performance presiding over the Texas House in a state of apparent debilitating intoxication. His conduct has negatively impacted the legislative process and constitutes a failure to live up to his duty to the public,” Paxton said in a statement.

Here is the video of Dade Phelan where it appears he is inebriated:

Ken Paxton was impeached by the Republican-led House (85 Rs to 64 Ds) and will be suspended effective immediately.

The vote tally: 121 ayes – 23 nays – 2 ‘present not voting.’

For final removal, it would require a 2/3 vote in the Senate.

Paxton said in a statement that the events that unfolded were illegal, unethical, and profoundly unjust. He expressed optimism for a swift resolution in the Texas Senate, where he believes the process will be fair and just.

“I am beyond grateful to have the support of millions of Texans who recognize that what we just witnessed is illegal, unethical, and profoundly unjust. I look forward to a quick resolution in the Texas Senate, where I have full confidence the process will be fair and just,” Paxton wrote.

On Thursday, lawyer Tony Buzbee- “One of the most successful trial lawyers in the country” -released a statement as stated in Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss Articles IX and X.

Read the full statement:

“After an investigation spanning five months in both the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate, interviewing over a dozen witnesses and reviewing almost 300,000 pages of documents, the two special prosecutors who were handed a blank check at taxpayers’ expense to find Ken Paxton’s bribe can’t locate one- because it never happened.

To be clear, the most effective and most conservative state attorney general in the country has been out of office for almost three months while the impeachment managers and their phalanx of taxpayer-paid, Biden- and Democrat-connected help have searched for evidence of a bribe. But the House is now forced to admit that they cannot find it.

This is not just discouraging news for their effort; it is dispositive news. It is dispositive news because the entire impeachment proceeds from it. It is imperative now for the Senate to understand:

if there is no bribe, there was no whistle to blow.

After all of this effort and wasted taxpayer money, we are left with is “a tale […] full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” The Texas Senate should decline to indulge the prosecution in political theater for weeks on end, trying to find the very case they have already admitted does not exist. This whole thing has been nothing but a sham, and it should now end.

Attorney General Ken Paxton has neither sought nor accepted a bribe, and the House Managers’ slanderous accusation to the contrary is meritless, no matter how many times they repeat it.”