Beef Company CEO Warns of Government Attacks on Real Beef – “This Is About The Administrative Deep State…” | The Gateway Pundit | by Promoted Post

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The globalist elites and their puppets in our government want the people eating lab-grown meat instead of the real stuff. What was once a conspiracy theory is being openly discussed by groups like the World Economic Forum and people like Bill Gates.

Now, our own government is trying to make their vision of a cow-free world a reality under the guise of climate change prevention.

This is one of the biggest reasons Prepper All Naturals launched Whole Cows this year.

Prepper All Naturals CEO Jason Nelson, a disabled veteran, has been fighting tyranny abroad for his entire adult life. Now, he’s fighting what he believes to be growing tyranny coming from our own federal government as it pertains to food security.

“This isn’t even about your elected officials,” Nelson said. “This is about the administrative Deep State, those unelected career bureaucrats who answer to the globalists, not the people.”

With the push for “cultured beef” growing in intensity and spreading across the globe, Whole Cows specializes in high-quality beef that is shelf-stable for decades. Nelson believes that the ongoing plan of the globalists is to control the food supply by limiting access to animals raised on a pasture.

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“One of the things I like to point out to people is that our promise isn’t just about clean beef,” Nelson continued. “It isn’t just about beef free of injections and additives or having it hand carved as soon as it’s slaughtered.

“I’m here to fulfill a promise to fight food scarcity and get as much quality beef into as many patriots’ pantries as possible. One day very soon they will not be able to easily get their hands on clean protein.”

Whole Cows offers Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and their “Original Beef” products. There is only one ingredient; they don’t even add salt to the beef. They chose premium cuts because the preparedness industry is rife with “beef crumbles” and “beef chunks” that are made of the lowest quality meat available. Americans shouldn’t be relegated to leftovers.

“It’s important that my family, just like yours, remembers that real beef is from cattle raised in a pasture, not grown in a petri dish,” Nelson said.

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