Biden Shuffles Across the South Lawn and Takes No Questions after He Was Booed and Given ‘Middle Finger’ While Vacationing (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

Joe Biden shuffled across the South Lawn and took no questions from reporters after taking back-to-back vacations.

Biden has spent more than a solid year on vacation with no visitor logs.

After spending nearly all of August on vacation amid multiple crises at home and abroad, Biden will be heading back to the beach later this week.


Joe Biden lounged at the beach in Delaware as Maui burned. He callously brushed off questions about the rising death toll from the wildfires.

He then took off the Lake Tahoe for another vacation without a care in the world.

After major backlash, Biden reluctantly agreed to travel to Maui to survey the wildfire damage and meet with survivors.

He only visited Maui for a few hours before jet-setting back to Tahoe.

Residents of Maui gave Biden the middle finger after he droned on and on about himself.

Joe Biden also got booed loudly in Lake Tahoe after he emerged from a spin class.

Biden got mercilessly booed as he mocked Trump’s mugshot.

He also got the middle finger as he departed Lake Tahoe.

Biden knows he is hated by the American people which is why he is hiding out in vacation villas rather than campaigning.