Bidenomics has ‘hurt’ more voters, and Trump ‘helped’ them – Washington Examiner

People have long memories when it comes to their wallets. And that appears good for former President Donald Trump, but not President Joe Biden.

As sticky inflation holds and prices on grocery shelves and at the pump rise, voters are recalling how good they had it before “Bidenomics.”

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of voters shared with Secrets on Thursday, many feel that Bidenomics has “hurt” them while Trump’s policies nudged them higher.

The survey, composed of 35% Democrats, 33% Republicans, and 32% independents, found that most, by a 48%-37% margin, believed that Biden’s economic policies are “worse” than Trump’s. On that question, 26% of Democrats and 36% of black people agreed that Biden’s are worse.

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49% of All Voters Say Biden’s Policies Have Hurt Them Personally

And, by an 11-point margin, think his economic policies are worse than former President Donald Trump’s.

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) March 21, 2024

Even more voters overall, 49%, said Bidenomics has “hurt” them personally, while just 28% said it has “helped” them. Another 21% shrugged no difference. Here, 41% of black people feel Biden has hurt them, and 26% of Democrats agreed.

In a follow-up question, voters were asked about Trump’s economic policies and if they recall whether they helped or hurt them, a version of the 1980 question from challenger Ronald Reagan about whether voters felt better off after four years of former President Jimmy Carter’s economic policies.

The news was not good for Biden, as he struggles to talk up Bidenomics and record government spending, especially on unions and forgiving student loans.

On that question, 46% of voters said Trump’s economic policies “helped,” 34% said “hurt,” and 18% shrugged. Black voters here gave a bigger thumbs-up to Trump, with 43% saying “helped” and 32% saying “hurt.”


The Trump campaign feels confident that black, Hispanic, and suburban women voters will recall the economy was somewhat better under the former president, especially pre-COVID-19.

As a result, Biden’s team is stepping up its effort to address the economy and claim people have never had it better, which Rasmussen’s survey would appear to challenge.