BIDENOMICS: Home Foreclosures Rising Nationwide – By 50 Percent or More in Some States

In another sign that Biden is leading the country to ruin, home foreclosures are rising across the nation.

Some states are handling the problem better than others, which is to be expected, but the simple explanation for this is that more and more people are struggling to afford the cost of living. Biden is ruining people’s lives.

Does anyone remember this even being an issue under Trump?

The FOX Business Network reports:

Home foreclosures are soaring nationwide – and rising fastest in these 5 states

Home foreclosures rose again in February as Americans continue to grapple with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

That is according to a new report published by real estate data provider ATTOM, which found that there were 32,938 properties in February with foreclosure filings, which includes default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions. That marks an 8% increase from the prior year, although it is down 1% from the previous month.

“The annual uptick in U.S. foreclosure activity hints at shifting dynamics within the housing market,” said ATTOM CEO Rob Barber. “These trends could signify evolving financial landscapes for homeowners, prompting adjustments in market strategies and lending practices.”…

Housing affordability is the worst it has been in decades, thanks to a spike in home prices and mortgage rates. Combined, the two have helped to push the typical salary required nationwide for homeownership up to $106,500 — a stunning 61% increase from the $59,000 required just four years ago, according to Zillow.

Biden and Democrats are too busy pushing climate change to care about this problem.

This is why it doesn’t matter when Biden or his media allies try to tell the American people that everything is going great.

People can see what is happening all around them.

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