BREAKING: Hunter Biden was Involved with CIA in Ukraine – Led to Trump-Russia Lies and Deep State Assault on Trump – Mike Benz Video

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Mike Benz

Deep State expert Michael Benz says Hunter Biden is untouchable because he was working on a CIA project in Ukraine.

Is this also why President Trump was tied to Russia and impeached for looking into the Biden family’s actions and illicit deals with Ukraine?

Michael Benz unloaded some incredible facts about the deep State recently in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

CENSORSHIP EXPERT BENZ ON TUCKER – “What I’m Describing Is Military Rule…It’s The Inversion of Democracy.”

Then, Mike Benz reported that the CIA was heavily involved in Ukraine. This was in response to a report from the New York Times showing that the CIA was all over Ukraine.

MIKE BENZ: Of Course the CIA Is Assisting Ukraine in It’s War Against Russia (VIDEO)

On Thursday night, Benz released a new video clip arguing that that Hunter Biden was advancing a CIA project in Ukraine to swing the natural gas market towards NATO and that’s why he’s untouchable.

Here is the transcript from the video on X.

Mike Benz: I just have to break this down in a video to make it perfectly plain and clear to people what’s happening with Hunter Biden and the CIA. Why was I saying a year and a half ago that the reason Hunter Biden is untouchable by the Justice Department is because he was part of a CIA operation. Multiple ones, actually.

You have to understand what’s going on here. Let me just give you a dozen data points on Hunter Biden CIA. The first thing is, Hunter was on the Chairman’s Advisory Board of the National Democratic Institute, the NDI. The NDI is the DNC wing of the National Endowment for Democracy, which is the top CIA cutout used in our tens of thousands of NGO swarms. NED ranks number one. It was created to be the NGO affiliate of the CIA. It was created to do overtly what the CIA was doing covertly and getting in trouble for doing in the 20th century, created under the Reagan administration in 1983. There’s something called the NDI for Democrats and the for Republicans, the CIA wing of the Republican Party. They both split spoils, basically on US foreign policy jobs that the CIA orchestrates.

You don’t get to be part of the chairman’s advisory committee of the NDI unless you are CIA-linked or CIA-vetted. It is a CIA. – NGOs, government-organized, non-governmental organizations. This is a CIA-organize a CIA-organized, non-CIA organization. It’s the CIA. He’s on the chairman’s advisory board of that. By the way, when he was at Burisma, who was the other person on the Barisma board from the US there was Cofer Black, who had spent 30 years in the CIA. Cofer Black was Mitt Romney’s Sherpa to the intelligence community during his presidential run in 2012. You know what? Mitt Romney is on the board of the IRI, who I just mentioned, the International Republican Institute, the CIA cut out counterpart to the NDI. Barisma was a CIA operation. Let me say this again. Burisma was a CIA operation. So was Naftagas. That’s the public and then, respectively, the private and public natural gas companies there. There were a couple of other private ones in addition to Burisma. But the CIA was trying to break down Gazprom and swing the gas market from Russia to NATO. They’ve been trying to do this for 16 friggin’ years.

It’s been an in-process CIA, State Department, Pentagon project for 16 frigging years. They were trying to capacity build Burisma and shift its board to make it US-controlled. They’re doing the same thing simultaneously with Naftogaz, the feeder that Burisma feeds into. You can even read about the power struggle between George Soros and Vladimir Putin for control over Naftogaz, the state-owned titan that has been the privatization prize of the IMF. That is, that was part of the reason that we overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014, is to privatize those assets because we knew that we were going to be cutting Russia off. So Western stakeholders wanted to profit from this trillion-dollar windfall if Russia could be kicked out the European energy market.

This is common activity for the Central Intelligence Agency, which was created by corporate lawyers in 1947 as its first class. The corporate espionage side of the CIA operation here has geopolitical dimensions. If you kill Russia’s energy exports, you kill their military, which means you kill their ability to run air defense systems to Syria. You kill their ability to run small arms to sub-Saharan Africa to oppose US control over lithium and cobalt and copper and aluminum and gold and oil and gas there, too.

This was a long-range CIA project where Hunter Biden happened to be ass deep in exactly the number one geopolitical target of what the CIA was doing under the Obama administration, which is trying to kill Russia’s energy exports. Meanwhile, you had this endogenous Ukrainian gas company that Hunter’s on the board of. By the way, who’s Hunter’s dad at the time? It’s Joe Biden, the vice President in charge of the Ukraine portfolio. But Joe Biden spent 30 10 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 10 years rotating between chairman and ranking member. That is the coordinating wing of the Senate with the State Department and the CIA. It’s specifically Central and Eastern Europe. Joe Biden was hugely involved in the Yugoslavia operation in the late 1990s, and breaking that up, which again was a CIA job, okay? That’s why you have to understand the structure of the blob. Whenever you see the State Department, the CIA CIA is there and the Pentagon are there, and you just don’t see it yet. Whenever you see the CIA, the State Department and the Pentagon there, you just don’t see it yet. Even British intelligence is all over this LNG story.

You don’t get British intelligence without US intelligence. The fact is, the CIA will lean on the Justice Department. I just did six hours of subscriber streams about the relationship between CIA and DOJ, and that the CIA will lean on DOJ to kill investigations into criminal activity involving assets of the CIA so that they can continue to do work that’s in the US national interest, even if it’s a criminal enterprise.

Because the CIA has a license to do that. They have the license to crime under NSC 10-2. They’re licensed to do criminal activity as long as it’s plausibly deniable. Hunter Biden was a part of a plausibly deniable CIA operation to swing the gas market towards That’s why it’s untouchable.

Here’s the video:

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