Brutal: Douglas Murray Destroys South African Journalist’s Smears Against Israel- “Don’t Misinform Your Viewers”

South African anchor Jane Dutton interviewed author and journalist Douglas K Murray recently, and the topic of the Israel-Gaza war took center stage.

Jane should have done her homework.

Jane Dutton: I know that you work for Fox News. I was called by Fox News sometime back to talk about the genocide happening in South Africa, and I said, ‘There is no genocide happening in South Africa.’ I was surprised that Fox could then see what was happening in South Africa as genocide and yet what’s happening in Israel as…

Douglas Murray:  But the allegation of genocide against Israel, why would Israel be committing genocide in Gaza?

Dutton: What would you describe it?

Murray: It’s a war. It’s which I’ve seen up close. Let me just explain that.

If you start a war, which is what Hamas did on the seventh of October, if you start a war, there are repercussions. There are repercussions to Russia for starting a war against Ukraine. Russia has lost a lot of troops. There are repercussions for Hamas for starting a war against Israel.

Dutton: They’re repercussions for an illegal occupation.

Murray: What’s the illegal occupation?

Dutton: Of Israel against the Palestinians.

Murray: Where?

Dutton: That is an illegal occupation.

Murray: Where?

Dutton: It is a determined illegal occupation.

Murray: Gaza?

Dutton: Of course, Gaza and the West Bank.

Murray: Have you been to Gaza?

Dutton: Yes, I have.

Murray: Is it occupied by the Israelis?

Dutton: It’s completely sealed off, as you know.

Murray: By who?

Dutton: By the Israelis.

Murray: And who?

Dutton: By the Israelis, by the US and whoever else supports the Israelis.

Murray: And who else?

Dutton: Isn’t that enough?

Murray: No. Tell me who else is allegedly sealing the Gaza.

Dutton: I’m saying that Israel has completely encircled Gaza. Nothing goes in, nothing goes out, as you know.

Murray: Well, as you know, if you’ve been, Gaza also has a border with Egypt. Why do you not mention Egypt? Egypt has a stronger fence to fence in the people of Gaza than Israel does.

Dutton: Okay, so you agree that Gaza has been fenced off?

Murray: No, it’s fenced off, although you might note that there are more workers until the seventh, allowed into Israel to work and indeed to have medical treatments and others that were considered necessary, which Hamas doesn’t provide. There was plenty more people every day coming in to work in Israel from Gaza until the seventh than were going the other way into Egypt. So I go back to this question, why do you say there’s an illegal occupation of Gaza? Why did you say that?

Dutton: Because there is.

Murray: Why? Who is occupying it?

Dutton: Israel is an occupying state.

Murray: No, no.

Dutton: It is internationally recognized.

Murray: No, no, no, it’s not at all. That’s your view. Hang on, that’s your view, and I have to correct your view.  No, it doesn’t. The facts, our views might differ, but the facts are the facts, and I want to pick you up on something you just did.

Dutton: I’m interviewing you.

Murray: I know, but I think you’re uninformed. Let me just… You are uninformed because first of all, you didn’t say that Egypt is blockading in Gaza. Secondly, you claimed that-

Dutton: I’m talking about Israel here now, and I want to move on from this. I

Murray: t’s very convenient for you to mention Israel because you’ve clearly got an animus here. But let me come on to the second point. Let me come to the second point. As you well know, in 2005, Israeli troops ripped Jewish families from their home in the Gaza.

Dutton: That was after Palestinians had been ripped from their homes in Gaza.

Murray: How far back do you want to go? You can do the Hebron Massacre of 1924 if you want. But let me finish. No, what I want to say…I want to finish one point.

Dutton: What I want to talk about is we’re talking about the action at the International Court of Justice, okay?

Murray: First of all, before we go on to that, you’ve got to inform your viewers.

Yes, but we’ve got to inform your viewers of the facts, and you just misled them. In 2005, Israeli troops ripped every Jewish family from their homes in Gaza and handed over all of Gaza, which was completely clear of Jews.

Dutton: That was after two knaps, I think, in 1948 and 1967, when Palestinians were ripped from their homes, they were originally there.

Murray: No, that’s your specific interpretation of the history. No, but we can agree to disagree, but don’t misinform your viewers.

Watch the full interview here:

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