CANDACE OWENS CONFIRMS She’s No Longer Working For Trump-Hating Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire

In 2015, the Daily Wire was established by Ben Shapiro and its current CEO, Jeremy Boreing.

In March 2016, only months before the general election, Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro came out with a stunning statement about how he would “Never Vote For Donald Trump.”

Last week, in one of the most confusing statements by Ben Shapiro to date, he admitted that he was previously supporting Governor Ron DeSantis over President Trump. He then went on to explain a long list of Trump’s incredible accomplishments and said he’d “walk over broken glass” to support him. Shapiro then explained that he would be making a donation to Trump’s campaign, although he fails to mention how much he will donate.

Recently, the controversial personality, Ben Shapiro, claimed the Daily Wire is worth an astounding $100 million.

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro gives his review of the
Political commentator Ben Shapiro

Bringing popular hosts like conservative commentators Matt Walsh and Candace Owens on board was a key part of the Daily Wire’s success. The outspoken Owens and Shapiro have had their share of public spats. As recently as November 2023, they publicly argued over a remark made by Candace Owens about war-monger Nikki Haley, whom Owens said she would like to “endorse” as “President of Israel.” Owens said that “she [Haley] has earned” her support. In what appeared to be a tongue-in-cheek comment, Owens said that if you’re paying attention to the (pro-Hamas/Palestine)protests and the (fake news)media, “support for Israel has literally collapsed.” Candace Owens said, “With enough money from foreign interest lobbyists,” she believed the former South Carolina governor would be the logical choice for “getting it [Israel] back.”

In an interview with Jewish comedian Ami Kozak, The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens compared the treatment of innocent Jewish students on college campuses to the persecution of white students on campuses across America for years by Marxist BLM radicals. Owens explained that for years, white students have been forced to endure threats by BLM activists, as well as insults and false accusations by radical leftist professors for the crime of being white, as she pointed out that corporations never threatened to pull their funding over the treatment of white students by the radical left over their persecution of white students.

Near the end of the discussion, the outspoken Owens also condemned Jews who are silent on the persecution of Jews while defending Palestinians in the conflict spurred by the horrific terror attack by Hamas that has led to the death of thousands and the torturing and kidnapping of hundreds more.

In response to her comments, Ben Shapiro painted her as uneducated.

The most recent controversy involving Candace Owens is centered around the hateful remarks made by Rabbi Michael Barclay about her that he wrote in a vile article published by PJ Media. In the article, Candace Owens bravely invited the rabbi on her show to discuss the controversy and the antisemitic accusations he’s made about her.

Here is a video of the interview:

Following his appearance on her show, Rabbi Michael Barclay thanked Owens for inviting him to speak with her on her show and said, ” It’s sad that you believe that I am “ignorant or a monster” and that you didn’t take any responsibility for your words that prompt such Jew-hatred, but I am hopeful you will see the IDF Oct 7 film.

Owens responded by saying:

Rabbi, you are always welcome back to the show! Thank you for allowing me to clear my name by giving people a glimpse into what you believe warranted the piece you wrote about me.

I was hopeful you were ignorant when you wrote some of those lies. Unfortunately, you were not. As you noted, you didn’t even watch my show but wrote a piece about it declaring what you believed I said to be antisemitic.

To clarify, I do not think you are a monster. I think you truly believe your race, religion, and feelings are superior to others, and that you truly feel victimized when others do not hold that same viewpoint.

I do not hold that same viewpoint.

Innocent Muslim blood spilled is equally as devastating as innocent Jewish or Christian blood spilled.

For that “radical” position, I have been smeared rather incessantly since October 7th but I intend to hold the line on this one.

It is my wish that every person in the world watches our exchange and I hope you felt I treated you fairly.

As I said, you are always welcome back, and thank you very much for being so willing to join and discuss your feelings about things.

Conversation takes courage!”

Rabbi Barclay tweeted at Owens: “And Candace, all blood is equally red; but not all intentions are the same. Evil has gradations; but let’s discuss your feelings about that statement after you see the footage. Pls let me know some dates and times that work for you

In response to his tweet, Owens shot back at Rabbi Barclay with a challenge:

Not only will I watch the film but I’d like you to arrange a trip for me to visit Israel. I’d like to visit and livestream in Israel AND Gaza. I’d be keen to meet and speak with Netanyahu, IDF soldiers, plus citizens that are Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Ethiopian.

I’d like to take 6 journalists/commentators of my choosing that I believe have earned the trust of the American people—and I will crowdfund the entire thing so it will cost nothing and I will be beholden to no one but the truth.
Can you use your contacts to make that happen?


Owens thanked PJ Media after they retracted the article they published accusing Candace Owens of being an antisemite that Rabbi Michael Barclay wrote.

The far-left ADL also came after Owens by citing an article by the Soros-founded Media Matters. In their tweet, they attempted to tie Candace Owens to the outspoken Nick Fuentes for praising Owens:

White supremacist & Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes is praising Candace Owens’ vitriolic antisemitism. It’s hardly surprising, but it does set off alarm bells: When bigoted people come together to push an antisemitic agenda, it adds fuel to the fire of hate. 

Owens shot back, telling the ADL she doesn’t even know Fuentes, and pointed out that their vile comments are nothing more than a smear campaign.

She followed up by saying:

My crime, is that I do not believe that American taxpayers should have to pay for Israel’s wars or the wars of any other country.
I will not change my mind.
So the question is what will you do to me next?
The world is watching.

Only moments ago, after social media was buzzing with rumors of Owens being fired, Owens confirmed that she is no longer working for the Daily Wire, “The rumors are true —I am finally free,”  Owens said, asking her followers to go to her website, where she will continue to express her opinions to her fans:

Owens also asked her fans to follow her on her personal YouTube channel:

Finally, Owens explains why she is speaking out:

A lot of people asking why I am speaking out so much as of late…

Truly, because I’ve had enough. I’ve been routinely threatened, smeared and libeled for years and what you saw yesterday is typical;. the people doing the smearing want you to apologize to them. It is deranged logic.

And it has to end. Today on the show I am going to unpack the history of the threats I have faced privately and publicly since I entered the political arena.

It’s time to say the quiet part out loud.

You guys can let me know if you think I’ve deserved this horrific treatment.

Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing also confirmed that Candace Owens and the Daily Wire have ended their relationship.

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