CDC Reports New Covid Variant Found In US Wastewater | The Gateway Pundit | by Anthony Scott

The CDC in a new report has indicated that a recent sample of US wastewater tested positive for a new variant of Covid.

The National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS) has reported they detected the new coronavirus variant BA.2.86 in one of their latest wastewater samples.

The finding by the NWSS comes around the same time the Biden administration has been stocking up on COVID-19 equipment.

Per The CDC:

A U.S. wastewater sample that was collected as part of routine monitoring in the National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS) has preliminarily indicated the presence of the BA.2.86 variant.

Scientists are investigating this sample and will continue to closely monitor wastewater for further or more widespread evidence of BA.2.86.

NWSS is one of multiple monitoring systems CDC uses to detect variants within the United States, and is meant to be used with other COVID-19 public health data to better understand COVID-19’s spread.

The CDC did not give details on where the positive wastewater sample had been collected but said it was part of routine monitoring through its National Wastewater Surveillance System.

On Saturday morning, The Gateway Pundit reported that the US Department of Health and Human Services announced new funding for a $1.4 billion plan that aims to protect against Covid-19.


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