Daily Caller’s ‘SICK’ Reveals How Big Medicine Makes Us Sick, Miserable And Obedient

“You follow the money, you pretty much discover everything,” says just one of the medical professionals The Daily Caller sat down with for our latest documentary. And that’s exactly what we did.

The Daily Caller’s new documentary, “SICK,” dives into the deceitful history and shameful practices of America’s Big Medicine industry. These pill pushers claim to know what’s best for us — that their scientific knowledge gives them the authority to tell us how to live our lives. They claim we should trust them when they promise to cure all of our ailments. But the patients, advocates and doctors we spoke to all agreed: so many things they’ve told us have been an outright lie. As a result, we’ve become less healthy and more dependent on the toxic chemicals they prescribe.

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When we think of Big Medicine these days, our first thought is the miracle COVID cure that wasn’t. They promised us a vaccine that was completely safe and effective. Set aside that this was all a lie; what they didn’t tell us was even worse. They didn’t tell us about the side effects. They didn’t tell us how they worked hand in glove with bureaucrats and experts meant to hold them accountable. But this was just a fresh run of a very old gambit.

“SICK” goes back before the COVID disaster. We go back even further than the opiate epidemic, foisted on us by Purdue Pharma and which still wreaks havoc on families and communities across the country. We take a deep dive into the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) craze, which for decades was sold as the miracle cure for depression and anxiety despite often creating the problems it meant to treat. Our investigative team goes back over one hundred years to show how the use of toxic chemicals to treat medical conditions was part of a coordinated push by one of the wealthiest families in American history. The same tactics are at work today, as drug pushers and government ideologues team up to pump vulnerable children with irreversible hormone treatments under the euphemistic guise of “gender-affirming care.”

As holistic physician Dr. Charlie Fagenholtz explains, it all stems “from the greed of profit.” He describes how most doctors don’t even understand what they’re prescribing. They write the script because all of the financial incentives align for them to do so, while pharmaceutical companies go to great lengths to obscure potential side effects.

Some, like former patient-turned-advocate Blake Guichet, turn into lifelong patients and cash cows. Prescribed the SSRI Zoloft on a whim after a 10-minute meeting with her college physician, she lost her formative years cripplingly dependent on the drug. When she wanted to get off the drug, doctors had no desire to help. Even those who tried didn’t understand the drug well enough to provide the help she needed.

“When you do research into what the medical professionals are doing, and how they’re benefiting from keeping you and putting you on these drugs, then you kind of find out that you’re your only ally,” Guichet explained.

Guichet, now off Zoloft, was able to move on with her life. Others, like Global Drug Safety advocate Kim Witzchak, weren’t so lucky. Witzchak has dedicated the past 20 years of her life to advocacy after losing her husband to suicide. She blames the Zoloft prescribed by their family doctor, simply to “take the edge off” without mentioning the risks and side effects. A black box warning about suicide was later added to the drug label.

There’s a common strain in all of this: whether it’s the COVID vaccines, anti-depressants and painkillers or transgender human experiments — the people pushing these “cures” know they don’t deliver on their promise, but sell it to you anyway. Doctors, therapists, pharmacists, even government regulators —  all become mere useful idiots as they look the other way. Big Medicine’s claws are in everyone, and their pockets just run too deep.

But there’s a deeper problem. Conditioned for decades to Trust the Science as defined by Big Medicine, much of American society has granted them an undue moral authority as well. When COVID hit, millions of braindead SSRI zombies behaved just as the people pulling the strings wanted them to. When they told you to stay inside and mask up or you’d be responsible for killing grandma, millions of Americans did it. Now, the same people are telling you you’re a benighted fool if you still believe there’s a difference between men and women. These oligarchic experts are weaponizing their unearned authority toward their own political ends.

They want you weak, they want you complacent, they want you compliant. They want to pump you full of drugs that make you this way and get rich in the process. Above all, they want to ensure the next time their political or financial interests are threatened, you’ll do exactly what they say. The only cure for America’s pharmaceutical sickness is exposing it to the light of day. And that’s exactly what “SICK” does.

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