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DC Political Prisoner and American Hero Who Fought in Afghanistan After 9-11 Sends a Letter to America from His Prison Cell

Biden political prisoner and American hero Jeffrey McKellop pictured at home and at the J6 protests. Jeffrey served his country in Afghanistan after the 9-11 attacks. To this day, he insists that the J6 riot was a setup.

A letter from January 6 Political Prisoner Jeffrey McKellop on the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on America.

To one and all:

This day 22 yrs ago. I was in Nigeria, the small town of Birnikibi. We were training Nigerian soldiers.

We watched the Twin Towers fall on local Television. I cried, I wept, like a child. I wanted to pull my teeth out I didn’t know what to do. I left the tent and started running across open fields. I stopped. Sweat running down my face catching my breath.

Like a bullet hitting me in the face, I realized what I was designed to do. I realized what GOD has put me on this planet for.

Three months later we ( ODA394) were on a C17 Globe Master headed for Kandahar Afghanistan. I spent the first part of the Great War leap-frogging mountain tops calling air strikes on savages far below. So cold, so high up, 10-13K ft. Snow waist deep. Inside my sleeping bag, wedged between rocks, waiting like a spider for my friends to arrive. We watched our planned targets load weapons and munitions into the backs of trucks near a small village. Dogs running around, chickens, multiple vehicles, boxes, garbage, hay, small stable for goats.

They were getting ready to attack innocents. Laughing as they loaded heavy machine guns, bombs and supplies. We spotted them far below and lazed the target. Launched from a B52 over 20Kft above the planet. I will never, forget the roar of the 500 lbs of guided munitions as it screams overhead between the mountain tops headed for it’s final target.

With a blinding flash. It’s over and there is nothing left. They were not laughing anymore.

Thank you, America for all that you have done for this world. I will never forget you.

My name is Jeff Mckellop, Proud Father of Davis and Paige. (RET) US Army Special Forces, ODA394,396.

I am a Political Prisoner.

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In another letter, McKellop wrote:

To one and all:

I would like to thank you for standing beside me! I want you to know how much I owe you in these dark times. I render a ridged salute to each and every one of you.

I want to thank every American out that that’s helped me! Large or Small. The effort that you’re putting forward is so helpful to myself and my children. Tears fill my eyes when I think about the debt that I owe you. A dept. that I would gladly pay tenfold. If you ever call me, I will be there.

Few have stepped forward to accept the challenge and be recognized as true Americans. When the call came out, you stood to the challenge. I can proudly say, When I stand the wall to protect those who sleep peacefully at night. You’re right beside me. We stand the wall of freedom. Thank you my brothers and sisters.

This journey’s been an realization for me that America isn’t what people think it is. I was blind but now I see.

We’re in the fight of our lives. This administration has taken us back to 1700’s-1800’s to the separation of the colonists. Our founding fathers seeking a better way of life from the oppression that bound them. This administration wants nothing more than to reenact the totalitarianism and oppressive behavior England once held over it’s peoples.

There are forces at work as we speak(Evil Forces)doing everything they can to destroy what our founding fathers built and died for. Colonials have given their lives to obtain! Because they saw the future of their people. These forces will never sleep, never tire, never yield. They will burn everything thing to the ground, with nothing left standing, and say, ” Look! We won!” They don’t care. They never will. If we don’t stand together and regain what is lost? IT will all be gone. Nobody to blame but ourselves for allowing it to happen. Voting isn’t the only thing we need to do. ” Oh, well, I’ll just vote better next time.” There wont be a next time.

The hand of reality is slapping you. Back and forth, back and forth. What will you do, when they come for you?

Max love to you all.

My name is Jeff Mckellop, Proud father of Davis and Paige. I am a political Prisoner.

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