DEEP STATE TACTICS? As with Trump, Bolsonaro is Being Relentlessly Interrogated by the Feds | The Gateway Pundit | by Fernando de Castro

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Photo by José Dias
Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Photo by José Dias

The conservative former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, was summoned to testify this Thursday, August 31. This is the fifth time the former president has appeared before the Federal Police, in a case of legal persecution like that faced by President Donald Trump in the U.S.

Legal harassment of popular conservative figures in the West reflects leftist tactics to remove people like Bolsonaro and Trump from the political scene.

In Brazil, the revocation of Jair Bolsonaro’s political rights is another indication of the path taken by the left, as reported by TGP.

Bolsonaro is accused of irregularly receiving and selling Saudi Arabian jewels, which were given to him by the Saudi Arabian authorities during his administration. Among the gifts given to Bolsonaro were Rolex and Chopard watches.

The former Brazilian President’s defense argues that these gifts were “personal” and that Jair Bolsonaro had the right to keep the items given to him by the Arabs. There are Brazilian laws that support this version of the defense.

On the other hand, the judiciary argues that the conservative former President shouldn’t have kept the items.

During his appearance at the Federal Police this Thursday, Jair Bolsonaro chose to remain silent about the case. His wife, former first lady Michelle Bolsonaro, also appeared to make a statement and, like her husband, opted for silence.

Other aides of Jair Bolsonaro were also called to give statements, but they also chose to remain silent while testifying before the Federal Police.

In a statement, the former President argued that he chose silence because he believes that the Federal Supreme Court is not the appropriate court to judge the case.