Dem Candidate Vows To Be ‘First AI President’ Despite Being A Flesh-And-Blood Human

Democratic presidential candidate, Minnesota congressman and human being Dean Phillips said at a Thursday event in New Hampshire that he plans to be America’s “first AI president,” FOX News reported.

“Men in their 80s, frankly, even good men and women, are not in a position to anticipate and prepare us for the future,” Phillips said, according to the outlet. “AI, my friends, we don’t have 100 years. We have months, if not just a couple of years at the most. I anticipated and I am prepared for it, and I will be our first AI president.”

Andrew Yang & Congressman Dean Phillips Talk AI

— Dean Phillips (@deanbphillips) January 18, 2024

It is unclear how Phillips would be the first artificial intelligence to serve as president when his own, self-written bio admits that he was born to human parents in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1969 rather than being created in a lab.

Even if Phillips were an AI, his chances of becoming the first AI president would be slim, with one recent Democratic primary poll showing him at four percent — 65 points behind President Joe Biden.

But even if he fails to become president, Phillip might well succeed in becoming an AI.

We Deserve Better, a pro-Phillips PAC, recently launched an AI version of the candidate named, according to the Washington Post. (RELATED: ‘Congressman, In Fairness-‘: CNN Host Confronts Dem Rep Dean Phillips Over DEI Website Changes) lets users make audio calls to an AI version of Phillips, which responds in the candidate’s own voice.

A new super PAC backed by Silicon Valley insiders is mobilizing to spread Dean Phillips’s ideas with, an artificial intelligence tool that can chat like a real person — one of the first known uses of AI in a political campaign.

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) January 19, 2024

The PAC, funded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, aims to prevent Democrats from nominating Biden, who they believe is unlikely to win the general election.

In a conversation with the Daily Caller, acknowledged that the path to defeating an incumbent in the primary is “steep,” but that he sees a “hunger for change” in America. When asked which Star Wars movie was the best, he responded, “As a digital clone I do not have personal memories or opinions.”

Phillips is unlikely to secure the 2024 nomination, but given the deftness with which dodged the Caller’s hard-hitting questions, this plucky AI could have a path to victory in 2028.