Democrats Cut GOP Lawmaker’s Mic As He Cites Evidence Child Sex Changes Don’t Improve Mental Health

The Democrat-controlled California State Assembly cut off the microphone of state assemblymember James Gallagher during debate over a bill threatening the custody of parents who don’t “affirm” their kids.

The California legislature passed Friday AB 957, a bill requiring a judge to consider whether or not a parent “affirms” their child’s “gender identity” in a custody dispute. Democratic Sen. Scott Wiener and Democratic Assembly Member Lori Wilson introduced the bill in February. (RELATED: Judge Temporarily Halts School District From Requiring That Educators Inform Parents When Their Child Changes Pronouns)

“I wanna get this out there. It’s important that we know what the science and the information is saying. Even a recent follow up study in 2021 found that out of 139 participants, only 17 persisted in their gender identity, they were looking at young boys. One-hundred-twenty-two, 87%, went back to their biological sex. You can’t have a —”

Unbelievable! The California Democrat controlled legislature cut off a Republican lawmaker’s microphone when he presented real data about teens desisting.

He was speaking in opposition to #AB957, a bill which would force parents affirm their child’s perceived gender identity or…

— Jonathan Zachreson (@JZachreson) September 9, 2023

Gallagher was told his microphone was cut off due to a “time limit on speeches.”

“This bill, for purposes of this provision, would include a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity or gender expression as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child,” AB 957 reads.

Assemblymember Joe Patterson pointed out during debate that the legislation unnecessarily complicated family situations.

“In California judges are already using their discretion. They already can use it, I have seen it. They already can do this right now. And so I am concerned that this is the state telling the courts to give special emphasis on this because they can already do ti. So when I look at that and I look at what I went through growing up — a very complicated family situation — I believe this is going to add more complication.”