Dershowitz: Timeline Proposed by DA Fani Willis Will Force Defense Attorneys to Review 71,000 Exculpatory Documents a Day Between Now and March 4 Trial (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Esteemed constitutional attorney and author Alan Dershowitz joined Greta Van Susteren on Newsmax on Monday to discuss the ongoing political persecution of President Donald Trump by the tyrannical left.

During the discussion, Alan Dershowitz reminded viewers how Fani Willis and the Biden regime are making it impossible for the 18 indicted Trump associates and President Trump to possibly review all of the exculpatory evidence the county is using against them in their garbage lawsuits.

Alan Dershowitz: By the way if you do the arithmetic, the trial is now scheduled for Marth 4th with 12.6 million papers that have been turned over as exculpatory evidence. it would require the defense to read 71,000 pages per day between now and the time of the trial. So we’re seeing a lot of misinformation being given to the public…

…We talked about at the beginning of the show is the fact that there’s probably 44,000 hours of video, because that’s what Speaker McCarthy turned over to FOX News. And I presume that the prosecution is going to turn that same over to the defense of 44,000 hours. And if you looked at that every single day, if you watched it between now and 189 days for trial, it would be something like 230 hours a day to watch that, which, of course, is impossible, with only 24 hours in a day.

It should be clear who the real criminals are in this garbage case by Fani Willis. It’s certainly not President Trump or his colleagues.

We are witnessing the complete destruction of our judicial system by the radical left. What a tragedy.  It will be difficult to correct course following this lawlessness.