Disgusting! Mexico Places Piece of Berlin Wall Next to Open US Border saying “May This Be a Lesson!” | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

What a punch to the gut of every law-abiding citizen in this country!

Mexican officials mounted a piece of the Berlin Wall next to the US border in Tijuana, Mexico.

The base of their monument reads, “May this be a lesson to build a society that knocks down walls and builds bridges.”

They mock our nationhood. They mock our sovereignty.

Over 7.2 million illegal aliens have walked across the US-Mexican border since Joe Biden entered the White House. The failed cartel state south of our border believes this is right and just. And they have NO RESPECT for our borders.

Over 100,000 American kids are dying a year thanks to this open border and open flow of drugs into the US.

The Berlin Wall was built to keep people behind the Iron Curtain. The Trump Wall was built to keep drugs, terrorists, traffickers, and aliens out. It was a true symbol of American greatness. Biden sold off the parts for scrap.

FOX News reported:

The Mexican government placed a piece of the Berlin Wall just a stone’s throw from the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana, sending a clear message to border-security advocates in the U.S.

Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero and former Mexican foreign secretary Marcelo Ebrard installed the shard of the Soviet wall during a ceremony last month. A plaque near its base, written by Caballero, reads, “May this be a lesson to build a society that knocks down walls and builds bridges.”

The message-laden move comes as the U.S. continues to expand its barriers across the nearly 2,000 miles of territory dividing the U.S. and Mexico. Unlike the U.S. border, however, the Berlin Wall was originally installed by an occupying power to divide a nation against itself.