Dr. Peter Navarro Releases Statement After Supreme Court Denies His Bid to Stay Out of Prison — Expected to Surrender in Miami Prison Today

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The Supreme Court has turned down former Trump advisor Peter Navarro’s effort to stay out of jail, clearing the way for him to start a four-month prison sentence. He will be the first high-ranking Trump aide to be imprisoned by the Biden Regime.

Chief Justice John Roberts issued a succinct order dismissing Navarro’s plea to delay his incarceration, which is set to begin today, March 19, at a federal Bureau of Prisons facility in Miami.

Navarro, who served as a trade advisor under former President Donald Trump, was convicted of contempt of Congress after he refused to comply with a subpoena issued by Liz Cheney’s sham January 6 investigation, a crime also committed by Hunter Biden. In January, he was sentenced to four months in prison.

Last week, a federal appeals court denied Navarro’s request to remain out of jail.

The three-judge panel – all Obama appointees – included Judges Patricia Millett, Cornelia Pillard and Robert Wilkins.

“[T]he argument presupposes that privilege has actually been invoked in this case in some manner by the President,” the judges wrote in a two-page order, according to Politico. “That did not happen here.”

On Monday, Justice Roberts, writing for the Supreme Court, stated that the lower court found Navarro had forfeited his right to request bail while his appeal is pending under the Bail Reform Act.

The court of appeals had determined that Navarro was still required to appear before Congress and provide answers to questions that fell outside the scope of his asserted executive privilege.

“[This is] the first time in our nation’s history [that] a senior presidential advisor has been convicted of contempt of Congress after asserting executive privilege over a congressional subpoena.” Roberts said, adding that Navarro was “still obligated to appear before Congress and answer questions seeking information outside the scope of the asserted privilege.”

“I see no basis to disagree with the determination that Navarro forfeited those arguments,” Roberts added.

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In a statement released to The Gateway Pundit, Navarro expressed his concerns about the implications of his case on the constitutional separation of powers and the future of executive privilege.

He highlighted the partisan aspects of his legal battles, pointing to the involvement of a Democrat-controlled Congress, the Justice Department, and judges appointed during the Obama administration in what he described as a railroad to prison.

“Justice Roberts took care to note that his reason for denial was “distinct from [my] pending appeal on the merits.”  That appeal on the merits will continue and if I fail in that appeal – after nonetheless serving my full prison term — the constitutional separation of powers will be irreparably damaged and the doctrine of executive privilege dating back to George Washington will cease to function as an important safeguard for effective presidential decision-making.  There is much at stake here and it is worth the fight,” Navarro told The Gateway Pundit.

“The partisan nature of the imprisoning of a top senior White House aide should chill the bones of every American.  In Joe Biden’s weaponized justice system, a Democrat controlled Congress and Justice Department together with an Obama-appointed District Judge and three Obama-appointed Appeals Court judges drove the Navarro railroad right into prison.  If anybody thinks these partisans and politicians in robes aren’t coming for Donald Trump, they must think twice now,” he added.

Last month, Navarro spoke to a packed crowd at CPAC, his last speech before heading to prison.

“As I ready myself for a prison cell, my question to all of you here is this: What are you going to do as you leave CPAC to protect your own right to vote for Donald Trump, if you choose? Just what are you going to do to throw those rascals out who, just a few short miles away from us in the White House and on Capitol Hill and at the FBI and the Department of Injustice, are doing so much damage to our economy, our border, our national security, and ultimately, you know what, our political institutions, civility, and social fabric,” said Navarro.

“As we hurdle now towards a November 2024 election, where the differences between the parties and candidates are so stark, make no mistake about that and the stakes are so high, we are indeed in the middle of a ferocious and often vicious fight where losing is not an option. For if we lose, we will surely lose this country. You know that.I know that.  If we lose, we will surely lose this country,” he added.

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