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Election Results in Riverside County, California Are Illegitimate After Activities Went Against State Code for Years

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Election results in Riverside County, California, are illegitimate after numerous activities went against state code for years. 

Paul Preston from New California State (NCS) reports the following:

Following numerous complaints expressed by Riverside County Citizens as well the County District Attorney the county Registrar of Voters [ROV] Rebecca Spencer and her handling of elections the Riverside County Board of Supervisors took action and placed Spencer on Administrative leave on September 13, 2023. Following Spencer being placed on administrative leave Riverside County Board of Supervisors agreed on Tuesday October 3, 2023 to a nearly $800,000 settlement following her resignation as the county’s top elections official.  The county accepted Spencer’s resignation as Registrar on Friday, September 29, county spokesperson Brooke Federico confirmed.

Neither the county nor Spencer have confirmed the reasons behind her resignation.

While no one is saying why Spencer was placed on Administrative leave then resign it is important to note that New California State Riverside County Chair and State Senator Shelby Bunch served the Riverside Board of Supervisors over 400 Declarations of Truth concerning their individual actions regarding purported voting irregularities in the ROV office. Each Board member was served with 100 Declarations signed by 100 Riverside County Citizens. The Board Members were given 5 days to respond to the accusations but failed to respond. Yet Spencer was placed on administrative leave and now there is a massive settlement that appears to be more inline with “hush” money than it is is attempting to fix a major problem in the ROV office which by numerous indicators show signs of election fraud…

…On Tuesday October 3, 2023 NCS Shelby Bunch took issue with the Board’s [Riverside Board of Supervisors] apparent “NDA” Non Disclosure Agreement” with Spencer. In a statement to the Board Bunch blasts the supervisors.

New Californian Shelby Bunch’s statement to the Board.

“First, I have a couple of questions. I would like to know who approved an $800,000 package for Rebecca Spencer once she resigned. That’s the citizens’ money. That is absolutely insane, considering the job that she’s done. I also would like to know who approved a $250,000 annual salary for her when she was doing such a poor job. I’ll be doing a PRA to get that information. Those of us fighting to fix our flawed elections appreciate the latest actions taken against Rebecca Spencer and RunBeck, today. However, there are other major issues with our elections that are being dismissed. And, regardless of the mandates and unconstitutional laws being presented in an attempt to control our elections from outside our county, it is the ultimate duty and responsibility of this board to ensure that county elections are conducted properly.

Per California state code, section 19207, the county decides how its elections will be conducted, not the state. So, ultimately it falls on this board. The forced mail-in ballots are a chain of custody issue. Once the ballot is mailed out, there is no longer a control mechanism to ensure its authenticity. And, signature verification in this county is done by untrained individuals who do not have the skills to identify fraudulent ballots.

The tabulators are created with wireless capabilities and were accessed multiple times during our last November election. The excuse given was that Dominion was simply doing updates. This happened during our election. No one is supposed to manipulate any part of the EMS after the logic and accuracy tests has occurred. It is this board’s responsibility to protect our elections. And that is not happening in whole.

Along with this, using voting machines to count our ballots goes against California elections code, section 15272, which reads: the ballot count shall be public and continued without adjournment. It should never stop until it’s completed and the results are declared. During the reading and tallying, the ballot read and the tally sheet kept, shall be within clear view of watchers. This can’t happen when it’s happening inside of a machine. The tallying that takes place inside these machines is not viewable to us, and the counting of our votes ceases and reconvenes every day for over a month.

The method used in Riverside County also goes against California election code 19205, which reads: no part of the voting machine shall be connected to the internet at any time. And no part of the voting system shall receive or transmit communications or wireless data transfers. Because we’ve learned that our county’s EMS has been remotely accessed, we need to go back to small precincts, hand county, which can be done within an hour, and small precincts.

Get our voter rolls off of the internet and back into paper poll books, reinstate voter ID, and return to one-day voting and tallying. I emailed an in-person voting example to all of you, and only one of your personnel confirmed that they received it. This is all easy to fix if you guys want to fix this. It’s not hard.”

Following NCS Shelby Bunch’s call, Jim Suver, Vice President of Business Development for RunBeck told the board that Runbeck was involved in an audit with the registrar’s office.  Runbeck provided explanations for USPS fines and assessments for the incorrect mailing of thousands of duplicate ballot packets and the dramatic rise in postage in the county.  The county attempted to blame Runbeck.

Below is a video of this meeting:

The issues with Riverside County are significant and excessive.  The fact that these issues were allowed to occur in elections in the county justifies the removal of the County’s registrar of voters.  But these issues deserve more of a reaction than that.  The results for all elections with these issues are illegitimate.  They should be overturned since they never should have been certified.

The election results in Riverside County since 2018 are all in question.