EVIDENCE OF TIES TO THE MI DEMOCRATIC PARTY? Newly Obtained Muskegon Police Report Reveals GBI Strategies Was Hired by “Empower Michigan” Project that Shares Address with MI Dem Party | The Gateway Pundit | by Patty McMurray

On August 8, the Gateway Pundit revealed a major fraudulent voter registration operation that had been under investigation for almost 3 years in Michigan that spanned several cities across the state. Although the investigation was involved lead investigators working for Michigan’s Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel and at least one analyst working for Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, the true depth of the investigation and the shocking details uncovered by the MI State Police and Muskegon Police Department were hidden from the public. Publications like The Detroit News downplayed the investigation and wrote an article to debunk a MI STATE POLICE REPORT titled, Michigan probe into fraudulent voter registrations referred to FBI, suggesting that the Gateway Pundit was a conspiracy site for daring to report on the details found in the MI State Police report we obtained exclusivley from Phil O’Halloran of MI-District 9 and Director of Election Integrity for the MI GOP.

Detroit News (Democratic Party spokesperson who identifies as a journalist) Craig Mauger, published what looked more like a press release by AG Dana Nessel’s office than a serious report on what many are saying is evidence of the biggest, multi-state voter fraud ring since he 2020 election. Mauger and MI AG Dana Nessel’s Press Secretary Danny Wimmer co-wrote the response to the Gateway Pundit’s bombshell article:

“The city clerk in Muskegon detected the fraudulent material provided and alerted the proper authorities,” Wimmer said in a statement. “A thorough investigation was conducted by multiple agencies within the state and no successful fraud was perpetrated upon the state’s election process or qualified voter file.”
The unresolved probe, which first became public in October 2020, has garnered new attention among conservative-leaning websites in recent days after the Gateway Pundit highlighted police reports about investigators’ efforts. The conservative website, which has advanced false and unproven theories in the past about voter fraud influencing Democrat Joe Biden’s victory, wrote in its headline for the story, “Now we have proof.”

On Friday, FBI Special Agent Mara Schneider declined to comment on the election investigation. Wimmer didn’t immediately respond to a question about when the referral was made to federal authorities.

Had Craig Mauger bothered to read the MI State Police report that the Gateway Pundit shared in their report, he wouldn’t have had to ask AG Nessel’s spokesperson about when the FBI took over the investigation, it’ all in the report. The FBI took over the investigation in May 2021.

Mauger writes:

But Wimmer said state officials decided to refer the matter to the FBI because of its national jurisdiction.

The investigation was turned over to the FBI allegedly because the investigation into the acitivies by GBI Strategies expanded into multiple states beyond the corrupt state of Michigan.

“Detected in this search were pay cards, pre-pay style cell phones and voter registration forms, all determined to be normal operational devices in GBI Strategies’ line of work,” Wimmer said. “Also found during the search were several firearms, which prompted a response from federal agents of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

“Several firearms?” Apparently, Craig Mauger and AG Nessel missed the part in the MI State Police report that identifies silencers on the semi-automatic rifles. Are the guns with silencers also “all determined to be normal operational devices in GBI Strategies’ line of work”?

The MI State Police report clearly states that they believe the cache of guns found in the “voter registration room” filled with pre-paid cards, a non-traceable form of payment, along with burner phones and ipads with the same “universal password” according to a suspect in the Muskegon Police report we have now obtained via a FOIA request by MI GOP Election Integrity Investigator Braden Giacobazzi. According to the suspect interviewed at length in the Muskegon Police report, the iPads used by GBI Strategies workers stores the workers identitifaction information and can be accessed by anyone at anytime.

Police officers found guns, silencers, pre-paid cash cards, and burner phones in the GBI Strategies office. On one of the whiteboards found in the room with the guns, was a list of categories. One of the categories was “Hot Topics” and under the “Hot Topics” category, it read: “weapons in the field, prepared for shifts.” 

(screenshot from page 21 of the MI State Police report)


A box was found inside the room with the semi-automatic rifles with silencers in Southfield, MI, that was used by GBI Strategies. Inside the box, were t-shirts with an outline of the state of Michigan. The t-shirts read: “Empower Michigan.” 

The bombshell Muskegon Police report that we obtained exclusively via a FOIA request by Braden Giacobazzi of the MI GOP Election Integrity Division, corroborates much of the shocking details found in the MI State Police report.

We’ve included a redacted portion of the Muskegon Police report where Muskegon Police Investigator Luker questioned a suspect who was hired by GBI Strategies while living in Atlanta, GA. According to the statement she made during her interview with Detective Luker, the female suspect found the job listing through the online job search site, “Indeed.” When GBI Strategies hired her, they gave her 4 hours to pack her belongings and move to Michigan, where she was assigned to an “Empower Michigan” project in Flint, MI.

After investigating a charitable organization under the name of Empower Michigan, LLC, the MI State Police report ruled them out as being tied to GBI strategies.

Your affiant searched for Empower Michigan [the name is redacted] using the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)business entity search. Empower Michigan, LLC was located and is a non-profit created by former (2018) State of Michigan Senator Mike Nofs. The non-profit’s stated purpose is community enhancement and charitable activities. There was not a connection found by your affiant or Analyst Degroot between either of the two located organizations and GBI Strategies [name is redacted].

We searched for Empower Michigan and found a curious connection at their Lansing location.

From the Empower Michigan website

Empower Michigan appears to be using similar tactics as GBI Strategies to attract and pay workers with pre-loaded gift cards.

A screenshot from an Empower Michigan website with no address that explains how they will pay you to bring friends into the organziation to work for them and how they will pay you with pre-loaded gift cards.

Here’s a screenshot of MapQuest showing Empower Michigan* at the 606 Townsend, Lansing, MI address.

DNC headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. Same building as Empower Michigan headquarters.

Here’s a screenshot showing the 606 Townsend St. from the EmpowerMIVote.com website:

Curiously, the Democratic Party Headquarters in Lansing Michigan shares the same address as the address listed for Empower Michigan. Is Empower Michigan part of the Democratic Party of Michigan? 

On 10/22/2020  a female GBI Strategies employee told the detective they were hired by GBI Strategies.

Detective Luger’s report in relation to Suspect 1 begins:

We met [redacted] in the lobby at the Staybridge Hotel Near Holland, Mi. [redacted] told me that this is the hotel where GBI put her up for her stay in west Michigan.

One of the first things I asked her was if she would tell me what she is hearing about this investigation. She said she is hearing so many things from voter registration to their identities being taken and used, to offshore accounts.

I asked her to tell us her story about how she came to work for GBI.

She said she lives in Atlanta, Ga. She responded to an ad on “Indeed” for a recruiter for GBI and was hired on Sept. 14, 2020, and asked to take a position in Michigan, to which she agreed.

She said she was only given 4 hours to make that decision because they wanted her to leave immediately. She said she did agree to come to Michigan and was flown to Michigan on September 15. She was originally staying in Auburn Hills, Mi and was working out of the Flint, Mi office.

She worked in Flint for about 1 and a half weeks. She was then moved to the Muskegon Hts office on Sept. 23. At the time she was just a level 2 supervisor and thought she was going to continue in that capacity. She was reassigned offices without a conversation, but only through a message telling her they had transferred her to Muskegon and that they had gotten her a hotel.

She said at the time this was going on [redacted] (white male from Atlanta) trained her to take over the office. She said the mission was to go out and get people signed up to vote.

She said the way this company was operating her seemed to think there were a lot of red flags.

She went on to say that the company uses the “Band App” to communicate with each other. She said she began to communicate with her immediate supervisor, [redacted], of New York. She said she had never really communicated with her before.

She said [redacted] sent her a text on the day the search warrant was conducted and told her she could stay home from work. [redacted] did not know why but figured that it was perhaps because they were not getting enough numbers.

She said that she had the day off so she took a nap. When she woke up she said there were missed calls and text messages saying the FBI/ police was raiding the office, etc. She said that she began to hear from the people who were site supervisors in Muskegon Hts, such as [redacted], etc.

[Redacted] said she did not know what was going on so she called another friend of hers who no longer worked for GBI and asked her if she would call Flint, Mi, and find out what is happening.

This friend called around and then called [redacted] back. She told [redacted] that the Flint office had not been raided yet, but the Philadelphia office had been raided.

[Redacted] said she then called [redacted] and told her what she had heard. She cannot say for sure, but she felt that already knew this information.

After she hung up with [redacted], [redacted] said she had gotten a call from the woman who hired her, [redacted], in Atlanta, Ga. She said [redacted] wanted to know how [redacted] knew about Southfield, Mi and other offices that have been raided? [Redacted] said it was strange because she could hear [redacted], GBI Owner, talking in the background.He was telling what to ask her. She is not sure if he was in the same room with [redacted] or just on speaker phone.

She said that they all have a Zoom meeting everyday with [redacted]. So she is familiar with his voice.

She said he was the one who picked her up when she flew in to Michigan.

I asked her if [redacted] had ever been to the Muskegon Hts Office. She said she heard he had been there prior to her coming there.

I asked her to tell me how they would get paid. She said the canvassers would get paid $60 per 4 hr shift. So if a person worked 8 hrs a day then they would get $120. She said they did not get paid by the registration form being turned in. However, she thinks some people were under the assumption that they would get paid per form turned in because supposedly a prior company that was there did pay that way. She said she told them not to do anything fraudulent. I asked her if they had issues with people turning in any incorrect forms.

[redacted] said that was a compliance worker who came to help in the office. She said said she had built a bond with a lady at the court house (believed to be Muskegon City Clerk). She said this clerk was telling [redacted] that they had been turning in some registrations that have addresses that do not even exist.

So at the next shift, [redacted] had a meeting with the workers and told them not to be making fraudulent forms up. This meeting was within the last 2 weeks.

[Redacted] said that [redacted] had been in Muskegon Hts. for about 2 weeks.

She said that she and [redacted] were pulling the registrations that they saw that looked to be obviously fraudulent. She figured that in the last 2 weeks they pulled about one hundred or more. She said that at one point, they had about 100 canvassers per shift and they would come back with about two hundred registration forms each day. She was not sure who would have been turning in the bad ones. She thinks it was the newcomers.

She said that she would take out the bad ones she saw and throw them away. [Redacted] would save the ones she found and put them in a box so she could send them to her box.

Here, the GBI Strategies employee discusses how the “good forms (registrations)” were loaded into a computer before they were delivered to the clerk’s offices. Why?

Why did GBI Strategies or Empower Michigan need to download the information contained on the voter registration forms they collected?

Who has access to this information?

Shouldn’t Michigan voters who register with third-party organizations know they are potentially storing their personal information? 

I asked her why would [redacted] scan the good forms into the computer. She said that was a good question. She said she thinks it may have been as proof that they were working. She said GBI was hired by various companies to do this work so she thinks they may have been sending them to those companies so they could prove they did the job. The original forms had to be turned into the clerk.

She said that after this “Empower Michigan” project was complete they stopped working.

They were off for about one week. Then, they came back to work on a new project. She said she had gotten a phone call on a Tuesday or a Wednesday telling her to come to Southfield, Mi for training. So she called [redacted] and asked if she was going to training also.

In this part of the report, the suspect claims she was worried that an employee of GBI Strategies may have been unkowningly transporting the guns discovered in the Southfield GBI office because the “Pelican case” the guns were contained in looked like the same cases they used “in every office for everyday work items.”

I asked her if ever mentioned the guns that were in the Southfield Office. She said that [redacted] did mention it. She said the police had recently pulled over and questioned her.

She said that [redacted] told her she did not know the guns were at that office. However, now that she knows [redacted] is beginning to wonder if she had unknowingly carried those guns around for them because they were inside totes that looked like the ones they used in every office for everyday work items.

She said that said she does not know what is going on but told [redacted] not to trust the people of GBI.

We continued to talk about the new project they were working on.

She said this project was funded by “Black Pac.”

The Black Pac is an interesting group. We will report more on this group in a follow-up piece, but for now, it’s important to note, that MI SOS Jocelyn Benson, MI Dem Governor Gretchen Whitmer and MI Dem Rep Dan Kildee, who was in a very difficult race, were all supported with funds from the Black Pac. Three of the eight candidates carefully chosen by the Black Pac to support were in MUST WIN seats in the 2022 election in Michigan.

She said the job was to go mobilize voters. They would knock on doors and hand out papers for Gary Peters and Joe Biden.

I asked her about the rumor that she may have fired someone for turning in fraudulent registration forms. She said no she did not. She said there was one person who supposedly turned in some fraudulent registrations, but those forms were already in the stack of other forms so there was no way of telling who turned them in. One of the drivers was the one who caught the fraudulent forms.

The GBI employee told Inspector Lukor that the company was scanning employees driver’s licenses and other required information they needed for employment into their system and that all of the employees personal information could be found by accessing the ipads they were issued with a simple universal code. She told the Muskegon Police inspector that she was very concerned about other workers accessing her perronal information. 

[Redacted] said that she wanted to tell me something else. She said that she has an IPad to use for work. She was snooping around on the Ipad and found information belonging to other employees.

She said that as a new hire the company would take and scan the employees drivers license or any other required information into the system. All of it was accessed by this Ipad she has. She said that anyone who had access to that system could see it. She felt that they were not protecting her or any other employees private information and they could be compromised. She said she is very concerned about that.

I asked her for the password for the iPad.

She said it was gbisti.

The passwords are universal from office to office.

The GBI employee said she was also told that the company was using the employee’s names and information to open up accounts. She said that she had heard about “offshore accounts!”

She said that [redacted], a canvasser, called her and talked with her about information she had been given by [redacted]. The information was that the company was using the employee’s names and information to open up accounts.

She had mentioned early on in the interview that she has heard about offshore accounts. I asked her what`s she has heard about that. She again told me that it was just a rumor that she has heard from canvassers. She claimed people think their names and information may have been used to open off shore accounts and to open credit cards. I asked her who the people are that have said these things. She said one of the people was [redacted].

She said that [redacted] has supposedly spoken with an officer, and it was at that point people began to call her [redacted] about what was happening at the office. She said [redacted] called her and wanted to know why [redacted] didn`t tell her this whole thing was a scam.

Det. Dudka asked her what the process was for collecting the registrations from the canvassers during the Empower Michigan Project. She said that prior to coming into the office, the canvassers would bring them in and she [redacted] would go through them herself. She said she would just look through them to make sure they were all filled out and complete. As she would sort through the forms she would pull out the ones that were not good. She then changed this and said prior to coming into the office, she was actually just leaving the bad ones in the stack of forms and sending them in the mail to the corporate office so they could upload them into the system. She said she had to do it this way. However, once arrived at the office, [redacted] said she began pulling the bad ones out of the stack. She said that prior to turning them into the city clerks, [redacted] would have to scan them into the system. Det. Dudka asked if she knew why they had to scan them in. She said she did not know. She said this company only tells you what they want you to know. She said, for example, she did not even know she was taking over an office until she got here.

She did say they were well organized and there is a lot of money involved. She said a girl from Flint told her the owner gets paid millions of dollars for this work. She said she only getting $1250 a week for her position.

[Redacted] went on to explain how she came to the wage amount she was paid. She also said that this company wanted to hire people from out of town. They did not trust the local people to do “right” and thought they would go hang out with friends instead of working.

I asked her to pass along to [redacted] that I would like to speak to her concerning this case. She said she would.

End of this section of the police report.

Another local publication, WZZM13 downplayed the MI State Police, Muskegon Police, AG and SOS investigation and published an article titled “Police investigating after Muskegon clerk finds irregularities in voter registration applications” several days after over ten thousand absentee voter registrations were turned into the Muskegon Clerk’s office by one individual working for GBI Strategies.

We all know now that there is MUCH more to this story and that it was likely fed to a local paper to cover the a**es of elected officials who didn’t dare reveal this statewide investigation into mass voter registration fraud.

Given the scale of this investigation and the evidence that was confiscated during raids on multiple locations by the MI State Police, shouldn’t MI SOS Jocelyn Benson have told her clerks about the ongoing investigation into FRAUDULENT absentee voter registrations so they were on the lookout for boxes of fake registrations being delivered to their offices by employees of GBI Strategies? Shouldn’t AG Nessel and SOS Benson have notified voters of the fraud investigation so they knew to be aware that someone may have fraudulently registered to vote in their name or the name of a dead relative?

We have much to come on this story…

You won’t believe the evidence we’ve obtained, showing the absentee voter registration fraud ring was more widespread than what is being reported in both police reports and certainly more than is being reported by MI AG Dana Nessel and the Soros-funded Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson.

Unlike Craig Mauger of the Detroit News who mocks the reporting of the Gateway Pundit, while not knowing what real investigative journalism looks like, we will continue to investigate this story and share evidence of an organized effort by Democrats to steal the election from millions of innocent Michigan residents who trusted their elected officials to tell them the truth.

*We cannot confirm that the Empower Michigan group listed in the Muskegon Police report and redacted in the MI State Police report is the same Empower Michigan that appears to share an address with the Michigan Democratic Party, but the police report does not rule out this group, yet they did rule out the two others with the same name in Michigan.


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