EXCLUSIVE: FBI Created 3,200 J6 “Playing Cards” to Identify and Surveil Americans who Attended J6 Protests – They Are Using SAME SYSTEM to Target Trump Supporters that They Used to Target America’s Enemies and Saddam’s Henchmen in Iraq War (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

By Jim Hoft and Cara Castronuovo

During the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States-led coalition, the United States Department of Defense released a set of playing cards with the names and faces of the most-wanted Iraqi members of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s government, including high-ranking members of his Baath Party and family members including his two sons.

The US Department of Defense used these playing cards to identify and capture America’s enemies, the dangerous members of Saddam Hussein’s inner circle.

This was a clever way the DOD thought up to target, capture or kill America’s enemies.

Fast forward to today…

J6 defendant Eric Clark in a recent interview with Mel Hawley.

In May 2021, the FBI arrested Eric Douglas Clark, a Marine veteran from Louisville, Kentucky. The FBI spent tens of thousands of dollars in resources to track down, spy on, surveil, and arrest Eric for the crime of walking inside the US Capitol on January 6th and peacefully leaving the US Capitol minutes later. Eric told The Gateway Pundit he saw no violence that day the entire time he was inside the US Capitol.

** Please help J6er Eric Clark, an innocent man, as he continues to battle the Biden regime and their baseless charges against him.

During our discussion, Eric Clark dropped a bomb that left us stunned.

Eric Clark, who has had access to the original 14,000 hours of government footage from January 6, told us about the clandestine system the government is using to identify the Americans who innocently walked into the US Capitol on January 6th — Government playing cards!

Representation of FBI’s 3200 ‘playing cards’ they used to target Saddam’s henchmen in Iraq War.

According to Eric, the FBI has created approximately 3,200 “playing cards” to identify and target the enemies of the regime.

Eric Clark: The FBI, they have this facial recognition software. It’s called baseball. So when they spit in their photos, their video, and they set their parameters, it spits out what’s called “baseball cards.”

So I’m in this database, and I’m looking through these baseball cards, and there’s about 3,200 people in there. And among those 3200 people are all the people we know that have so far been arrested.

Jim Hoft: Wow! So they have 3200 baseball cards that they spit out?

Eric Clark: Approximately, 3200 baseball cards. I didn’t count them. But going by the number of pages and number of cards on each page, I think it’s fair to say approximately 3200.

Jim Hoft: Wow. That is unbelievable. Yeah. And each one is an individual. It’s a specific individual.

Eric Clark: You click on that card and it gives you sort of their statistics, so to say. Like, maybe some clips of footage that they plan on using, maybe the special agents investigating surveillance schedule even. Like the days and times that they plan on surveilling these people. And all this, which I wouldn’t discuss, but it is all there. And also sort of to this main file was all their requests for funding the FBI

Jim Hoft: That’s really big, Eric. I hadn’t heard. Okay. But these cards, it’s reminiscent of the Iraq playing cards that the FBI created during the Iraq War, and those were, of course, the enemies of America at the time, and they put out all these playing cards. So now you’re saying that it appears that now they have the same sort of a system for patriotic Americans that they’re after and will be arresting. Very, very concerning… The government has labeled protesters who went through open doors and were welcomed by police as enemies of the state. So I think Americans need to wake up to that because they’re now labeling fellow Americans as enemies of this government, and we have Republicans and Democrats both giving them funding to do very, very concerning, Eric. It’s outrageous, actually.

The US government is labeling ordinary Americans as enemies of the state!

Please Note: We already know the FBI-DOJ will deny they are using “baseball cards” to identify Americans from January 6. We will not play semantics and word games with these people. The truth is the truth.

** Please help J6er Eric Clark, an innocent man, as he continues to battle the Biden regime and their baseless charges against him.