EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Eric Schmitt Introduces Amendment To Prohibit Use Of Funds In Spending Package From Suppressing Free Speech

Missouri Republican Sen. Eric Schmitt introduced an amendment Thursday to the government spending package to prohibit the use of funds to label speech protected by the Constitution or to pressure online platforms to suppress or remove constitutionally protected speech, the Daily Caller has first learned.

The introduction is part of Schmitt’s effort to protect the First Amendment. Missouri v. Biden (Murthy v. Missouri) was just argued in the Supreme Court on Monday. Schmitt was the original filer of the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed to prevent the Biden administration from pushing social media companies to remove information about COVID-19 vaccines and election interference.

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson mentioned that her concern with this case is that it could hurt the government’s ability to censor Americans.

“Not every situation in which the government engages in conduct that ultimately has some effect on speech necessarily becomes a First Amendment violation,” Jackson said Monday, adding that the government “has a duty to take steps to protect the citizens of this country.”

Schmitt’s amendment aims to prevent the executive branch from suppressing free speech.

“As Attorney General of Missouri, I filed one of the most consequential free speech lawsuits this country has seen in Missouri v. Biden, and I promised from day one as Senator for Missouri that I would continue to defend the First Amendment,” Schmitt told the Caller before introducing the amendment. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Schmitt Introduces Bill To Abolish DEI Offices In Dozens Of Federal Government Agencies)


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“This common-sense amendment to government funding aims to stop government censors in their tracks, while preserving and safeguarding our First Amendment from unaccountable administrative state actors – something all freedom-loving Americans should support regardless of political affiliation,” he continued. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: House, Senate Republicans Press Biden Admin For Allowing CCP-Tied Facility Near US Military Installations)

Schmitt has introduced a number of pieces of legislation to protect the first amendment since taking office.