‘Execution Style’: Israeli TV Star Ma’ayan Adam Claims Hamas Killed Her Sister At Music Festival

Israeli television star Ma’ayan Adam says her sister, Mapal Adam, was killed by Hamas gunmen while attempting to survive by playing dead.

Ma’ayan said Mapal, 27,  was with her boyfriend at the time of the weekend’s terrorist attacks. “On Saturday afternoon, in this idyllic setting, Mapal, our baby, hid underneath a truck and pretended as if she were dead,” Ma’ayan Adam wrote in a message on Instagram, according to The New York Post. “She and her boyfriend, Roey, moved in together this past week and she was the happiest person in the world” Ma’ayan said. “He was lying next to her [as she lay on the ground], suffered gunshot wounds in the back, and survived to tell us how she died in his arms,” she wrote. (Warning, graphic content)

There is more and more video coming out from the Supernova Music Festival that Hamas terrorists attacked near Gaza.#SUPERNOVA #IsraelPalestineWar #Israel_under_attack #Israel #Gaza #Palestine

— sonofabench (@therealmrbench) October 9, 2023

Ma’ayan appeared on Israel’s version of “Dancing With The Stars,” and is a local news anchor on a popular television station.

She described how her sister tried with all her might to be spared by the gunman.

“She held out for hours and didn’t move until terrorists killed her execution style,” she wrote.

She shared the last photograph her sister took from her cell phone, from beneath the truck to her Instagram story. (RELATED: Iran’s Ayatollah Said Israel ‘Will Definitely Be Eradicated’ Days Before Brutal Hamas Attack)

Ma’ayan Adam said her entire family was “crushed to pieces” as they mourn the loss of Mapal, and said she is currently suffering “pain that I didn’t know existed,” according to The New York Post.

Mapal Adam was among the thousands of young Israelis in attendance at the Tribe of Nova trance music festival near Reim, just a few miles from the fence that rings the Gaza Strip. Nearly 300 dead bodies have been found at the site of the festival so far, part of the more than 1,000 confirmed Israelis killed by Hamas militants since the terrorist group initiated a war with Israel over the weekend.