FACT CHECK: Image Of Joe Biden Is Edited To Look Like He Is Pointing A Gun In A Woman’s Mouth

A photo shared on X allegedly shows President Joe Biden pointing a gun in an elderly woman’s mouth. 

damn i cant believe he did this pic.twitter.com/bsvUNcQWuA

— McNasty (@McNasty) March 3, 2024

Verdict: False

The image has been digitally altered. The original photo shows Biden pointing a finger, not a gun, at the woman.

Fact Check:  

Biden spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday to discuss the war between Israel and Palestine, their first known interaction in over a month, according to CNN. Biden told Netanyahu that he is not trying to undermine him after Biden said Netanyahu is “hurting Israel more than he is helping Israel,” Axios reported.

A post shared on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, purports Biden pointed a gun in the mouth of an elderly woman. The image allegedly shows Biden holding the elderly woman’s hand and placing a revolver’s barrel in her mouth.

“damn i cant believe he did this,” the post’s caption reads. (RELATED: Does This Video Show Biden Plagiarizing Hillary Clinton?)

The photo has been digitally altered, however. The original image, posted on Alamy, does not show Biden with a gun. Instead, it shows him pointing a finger at the woman. The caption reads, “Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., left, chats with Annalou Trebitz, 87, of Deerfield Beach, Fla., after a town hall meeting Tuesday, Sep. 2, 2008 at Century Village in Deerfield Beach.” 

A reverse image search shows that the fabricated image has been shared on various social media sites such as X, Reddit and Facebook since at least 2015.

Check Your Fact reached out to a White House spokesperson for comment and will update this piece accordingly if one is received.