Failed Ex-Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Teaches Harvard Students How to Deal with the Media and Run a City Crisis | The Gateway Pundit | by Margaret Flavin

Failed Ex-Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is being paid by Harvard to teach students how to deal with the media and how to run a city in crisis.

The Gateway Pundit reported in June the failed leader had the new job lined up shortly after being booted from office.

The liberal elite always take care of their own.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that during the graduate level course, “Lightfoot said she’ll use a mock press conference, a simulated community meeting and guest speakers to teach in part about the dangers of politicizing a pandemic and how to interact with the media, drawing on lessons learned from running a city amid COVID-19.”

Lightfoot told WBEZ, “I heard that from the students yesterday — they want to learn from somebody who’s kind of been on the front lines, and in the trenches,” Lightfoot said after her first class. “But also how you bring people together in a moment of crisis, how you get things done, how you build lasting foundations to build on to address other issues that come up.”

Lightfoot’s record with the press, however, is complicated and contentious. 

The Sun-Times reports:

While Lightfoot attempted throughout her term to build a relationship with journalists by holding off-record roundtable discussions with the City Hall press corps and other corners of Chicago media, her news conferences became increasingly tense through her tenure, and by the end of her term she stopped holding press availabilities all together.

Lightfoot often complained of unfair media coverage and attributed it, in part, to the state of the news industry — that the demand by hedge fund and corporate owners for clicks and pageviews is influencing coverage. It’s a theory she repeated in the interview.

Perhaps Lightfoot will teach students how to punish reporters who dare to question abysmal leadership.

William J. Kelly, a contributor to the London-based Daily Mail, filed a federal lawsuit against Lightfoot alleging efforts to silence him from questioning her administration’s failures by revoking his press credentials.

Kelly, in particular, clashed regularly with Lightfoot during her tenure for her refusal to address the very real concerns the city faces with constant incidents of skyrocketing crime.

And as for the pandemic that actually took the greatest toll on Chicago, violent crime, Lightfoot was mum.