FINALLY! Final Judgement in Abe Hamadeh’s Stolen Election Lawsuit Signed By Incompetent Judge Months After Ruling on Case – Hamadeh Files Notice of Appeal for Race Called by 280 Votes | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson

FINALLY! Final Judgement in Abe Hamadeh’s Stolen Election Lawsuit Signed By Incompetent Judge Months After Ruling on Case – Hamadeh Files Notice of Appeal for Race Called by 280 Votes

Arizona Republican candidates Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake stand together.

After months of delay and reminders from both parties in the case, Mohave County Superior Court Judge Lee F. Jantzen finally signed a Final Judgment rejecting Abe Hamadeh’s lawsuit against the rigged midterm election in Arizona.

The order dismissing the lawsuit was given in May.

The Final Judgment signing came only after both parties filed a Joint Motion for Entry of Final Judgement and spelled out a mutually agreed ruling. Now that the final order is officially signed by the Judge, Hamadeh’s attorneys were finally able to file a Notice of Appeal against the bogus ruling, and he can continue fighting against the rigged election and corrupt trial court Judge.

Read the full Notice of Appeal here.

Hamadeh’s race was decided by 280 votes after a “significant miscount” of hundreds of votes was discovered in rural Pinal County’s recount results. It is the closest race in Arizona, with over 2.5 million votes cast.

The newly discovered evidence of uncounted ballots and voter disenfranchisement across the state was intentionally withheld by Katie Hobbs at Abe’s first trial. Additionally, “Maricopa did not provide provisional ballot information until after trial, information that had it been timely provided, we would have been able to address those problems we found at trial,” said Hamadeh attorney Jen Wright.

During Hamadeh’s new trial in May, the spineless Judge dismissed the evidence and voter testimony that thousands of votes remain wrongfully uncounted due to wrongfully canceled voter registrations.

Voting machine failures at 60% of polling locations also disenfranchised thousands of Republican election-day voters in a race called by less than 300 votes! How the hell do you call this a fair election?

The Gateway Pundit recently reported on incompetent Judge Lee F. Jantzen’s impediment to Hamadeh’s lawsuit with his clumsy failures and late rulings.

EXCLUSIVE: “At Every Turn, The Legal System Seems to Thwart Our Good Faith Efforts” – Superior Court Judge’s “Mistakes” Lead Arizona Appeals Court to REJECT Abe Hamadeh’s Stolen Election Lawsuit

When Jantzen recently attempted to release his final order denying Abe’s case in the Superior Court, he reportedly screwed it up again, leaving matters pending and “resulting in an ‘unfinal’ final order,” further delaying Abe’s nine-month long legal battle against the election.

This happened over a month after Jantzen’s July trial ruling against Hamadeh, which also came nearly 60 days after the trial. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Jantzen has a history of incompetence that interferes with court cases. He was recently publicly reprimanded by the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct for failing to issue a ruling within 60 days in a separate case but still collecting salary after declaring that he had no pending matters. This conduct violates the Arizona Rules of Supreme Court and Arizona Statute.

The judge is either highly incompetent or intentionally sabotaging Hamadeh’s case.

“At every turn, the legal system seems to thwart our good faith efforts to present the evidence in a court of law,” Hamadeh told The Gateway Pundit. ”Kari Lake is on her third trial, yet we are still back where we were in December. Our election is the closest race in Arizona history with the biggest recount discrepancy in history, and we seemingly can’t get our day in court.”

As we inch closer to the one-year anniversary of the stolen election on November 8, 2022, Abe’s Case is only moving forward from the trial court to the appeals court.

However, there is a precedent in Arizona’s 1916 Governor’s race, which was overturned over a year later by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Hamadeh tweeted,

Our election challenge is 5x closer than that race

With the remaining 8,000 uncounted ballots, we remain confident we will prevail.

Estimates for how many ballots remain unaccounted for have increased as their investigation into election-day issues and wrongfully canceled Republican voter registrations continues.

Following the judgment, Hamadeh released the following statement:

Final Judgement Signed

Final Judgment Signed Sept. 6, 2023 – Phoenix, AZ. Abe Hamadeh released the following statement in regard to the final judgment signed by Judge Lee Jantzen.

“In a rare show of bipartisanship, attorneys for my litigation team, Kris Mayes, and Adrian Fontes worked together on a joint motion for final judgment that Judge Lee Jantzen signed today. We are now able to proceed to the next step in our election challenge with an appeal at the Court of Appeals.

I am committed to ensuring the will of the people is honored. Arizona’s constitution demands that the person with the most votes is entitled to the office. We will fight to count the remaining 9,000 uncounted ballots that were withheld from our attorneys and the court. The government does grave harm to its legitimacy when it withholds evidence. Democracy dies in darkness, so too does justice.

Given the exceptional delays in this case and the stakes, we will be filing a motion for an expedited appeal. Justice delayed is justice denied. The closest race in Arizona history, with the biggest recount discrepancy in history, deserves to have its day in court in a fair and impartial trial.”

President Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, tweeted Tuesday about the massive discrepancy in Abe’s stolen election, saying what the Democrats always say: “Count every vote.”

The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on stolen election litigation in Arizona.

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