Florida: Man Caught Poisoning Neighbors with Toxic Opioid Agent in Tampa – UNDERCOVER CAMERA REVEALS THE CRIME | The Gateway Pundit | by Fernando de Castro

Photo: Reproduction/WFLA


A chemistry student was caught injecting a toxic opioid agent into a neighbor’s door in Tampa, Florida. Resident Umar Abdullah had set up a camera that captured Xuming Li’s actions and led to his arrest.

Abdullah had moved to the area with his family in June 2022. Shortly after their arrival, Li began sending Umar complaints about noise coming from the house.

Xuming Li complained that he couldn’t sleep because of the noise of the toilet being moved.

After a while, Abdullah and his family began to experience dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Umar reported to WFLA:

“I looked at my daughter. Her eyes were filled with tears. She wasn’t crying, but her eyes were full of tears.

Abdullah mentioned that a friend of his first noticed the smell of chemicals when he dropped off a package while on vacation with his family.

When they returned home, they also noticed the smell. While some described it as nail polish remover, Abdullah said it was more “unpleasant.

So Umar decided to perform some maintenance on his home to determine the source of the foul odor. He called an air conditioning company, which claimed to have found no problems.

A plumber checked the water heater, where the smell seemed to be coming from, but no problems were found there either.

The smell persisted even after the air ducts and vents were cleaned.

After an extensive search of the house to locate the source of the foul odor, Abdullah found a crack in the corner of the front door and realized that a syringe could fit through the gap.

Umar decided to set up a hidden camera outside the house. After confirming that his daughter was sick again, Abdullah reviewed the camera footage and discovered Xuming Li’s attempt.

The footage appeared to show his downstairs neighbor crouching in front of Abdullah’s front door, but the angle wasn’t clear enough to see what was happening.

In another instance, Abdullah repositioned the camera and saw his neighbor pull out a syringe, fill it with liquid, and then inject the liquid into the gap in Abdullah’s door frame.


Abdullah evacuated his family and called the police. Li was arrested and charged with several crimes, including possession of a controlled substance and theft.

Xuming Li caught with toxic agent. Photo: Reproduction/WFLA


According to a statement from the Tampa Police Department, a hazardous materials test revealed that the liquid “chemical agent” contained methadone and hydrocodone, opioid painkillers.

Li is currently free on bond, WFLA reported, and his next court appearance is scheduled for December 5. He’s also being sued by Abdullah for domestic violence and by the condo association for breach of contract.

Li’s attorney said his client has pleaded not guilty and that all the facts will be revealed at the appropriate time.

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