Former ESPN Host Sage Steele: Interviewing Biden ‘the Saddest Thing’ Because He ‘Couldn’t Finish his Sentences’

Former ESPN host Sage Steele joined Bill Maher on his “Club Ransom” podcast Sunday and shared her disturbing experience interviewing Joe Biden in 2021.

Steele said it was “the saddest thing,” because he seemed confused and, “couldn’t finish his sentences.”

Steele told Maher, “He struggled.”

Steele explained that the interview was via satellite and, because of some technical issues, she had to stall for time while the issues were resolved.

“Well, what he started to do, of course, he has someone next to him and they keep a black, like, curtain over the lens of the camera, so you can’t see him until the last second, but you can hear and we’re chitchatting… So I can hear him and he goes, ‘What is this for?’… And he’s, like, ‘Who am I talking to? Wait—what’s her name?’”

During the unscripted banter, Biden shared stories about his “football career.” Biden was a halfback and wide receiver in high school and briefly played at the University of Delaware his freshman year.

“And so he started to tell football stories of his greatness,” Steele recalled. “He goes, ‘I have the best hands.’ What do you say to that?”

Steele asked, “So, you were a receiver? And he started to explain it, and here’s the saddest thing — his voice just trailed off. He said, ‘I was good,’ and then he went silent, and he goes …, ‘Uh, never mind.’”

“I thought it was so sad because I realized that’s why he was in his basement during the whole election cycle — because even then he couldn’t finish his sentences, he struggled.”

“So forget about politics. I don’t care, I didn’t vote for him. However, that made me sad.”

Steele also told Maher, “The human aspect of what we’re witnessing right now with him, to me, is heartbreaking. And it’s inexcusable by the family when you knew during the election.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that Steele left woke Disney owned CNN after an impressive 16 year career.

Steel was suspended in 2021 for comments criticizing Disney for its vaccine mandate and rebuking former President Obama for identifying as Black instead of biracial during an interview on former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler’s podcast.

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