Former MSNBC host Tiffany Cross blames firing on Tucker Carlson spat

Tiffany Cross claimed MSNBC “began attacking” her former show and ultimately fired her after Tucker Carlson aired criticisms of her.

Cross was fired from the network over a year ago but recently commented on the timeline of her show’s demise during an episode of her podcast Native Land Pod that she launched earlier this month. According to Cross, Carlson claimed that she was attempting to start a race war was the beginning of the end for her program, The Cross Connection.

“After this, the network did not issue a statement the way they had for some of my white colleagues who had also been targeted by MAGA extremists,” Cross said.

“Instead, executives spoke to me and instructed me that I could not respond to Tucker Carlson at all, and then they began to scrutinize my show and every little thing I wrote.”

MSNBC executives began speaking to Cross “in the most condescending ways” according to the former host, who also claimed her “intelligence was questioned.” Cross went on to suggest that her former employer “planted hit pieces in the press” and painted her as an anchor future employers “could not trust.” She also alleged that fellow anchor Joe Scarborough, whom Cross referred to as MSNBC’s “favorite White boy,” was in on the plot.

At the time of her firing, Cross claimed that over two years, her show was “intentional about centering communities of color, elevating issues and voices often ignored by the mainstream media, and disrupting the echo chambers.” During the podcast, Cross detailed exactly what she meant by “echo chamber.”


“It was a battle to cover things that I wanted to talk about. The network’s philosophy was Trump, Trump, Trump. They wanted me to be part of the echo chamber,” Cross said. Cross would have rather covered news surrounding the black, Afro-Latino, and Native American communities instead.

An internal MSNBC memo indicated that The Cross Connection was the network’s 16th most popular show. However, the memo also stated that the show averaged “the 2nd most African-American viewers of any weekend cable news show.”