France’s Unpopular Macron is Warmongering Over Ukraine, Posting Pictures of Himself Boxing to Try to Show Strength

If there’s one thing that Globalist poster boy, French President Emmanuel Macron wants right now it to look tough.

But that is not going to be easy. He just presided, after all, over the collapse of the French post-colonial power in Africa.

It was about a month ago that Farmers invaded the Agriculture Fair in Paris prompting Le Petit Roi and his security detail into a sprint. Training for the Olympics, maybe?

If you take into consideration the rumors around him, they give a measure of just how little respect he commands right now.

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The media has been after Macron for weeks now – Macron Depression: Globalist Leader Survives Many Crises, While French Influence Collapses in Africa – Snubbed at BRICS Meeting, He Is Object of Internet Rumor About an Affair With Canada’s Trudeau.

And to top it off, let’s look at the numbers: polls forecast Marine Le Pen’s conservative RN party would largely win the EU election in France, standing no less than 12 points ahead of Macron’s shrinking party.

Which Macron?

So, now, Macron is talking loud, promising French boots on the ground in Ukraine, calling the Germans cowards for not sending Taurus missiles to Kiev.

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And now, to keep his imaginary masculine momentum, his photographer posted two images on Instagram of Macron hitting a punchbag. The thing is: the bag does not punch back, but the world does.

What a departure from previous public photos where he was about to kiss Zelensky!

BBC reported doubts by some:

“Perhaps inevitably, [internet users] questioned whether the photos had been ‘enhanced’. Doubters pointed to the size of his biceps, and re-posted the boxing picture alongside an image of Mr Macron, 46, with a skinnier arm.”

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The Guardian also reported:

“Other commentators voiced dismay at the images. French Greens MP Sandrine Rousseau reposted one of the photos with the comment, ‘What a defeat for progressivism. And what poverty of political communication’.

Writing in the centre-left Libération newspaper, Jonathan Bouchet-Petersen said the photos were a ‘rather dismaying communication choice’ and said it would have been preferable if the photo really were the product of a cheeky social media user as he had initially assumed.”

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