GA State Senator Colton Moore on Trump’s Indictment: “This is the Exact Strategy that Dictators and Authoritarians Use All Across the World, Even Saddam Hussein Used This” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Georgia State Senator Colton Moore joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Thursday morning.

Later today President Trump will head to Atlanta, Georgia where he will be booked on speech crimes. This is a defining moment in American history.

Senator Moore called for a special session of the Georgia Senate to defund criminal Atlanta DA Fani Willis for bastardizing US Law and charging Americans for SPEECH CRIMES – Something unique in US history but used frequently by brutal dictatorships to control their populace.

Steve Bannon: An individual who won the greatest come from behind victory in the history of American presidential politics in 2016, then with 74 million votes, won the presidency again in 2020, is now about to be arraigned. I don’t know, on 13 indictments…

Senator Colton Moore: Well, these individuals, what were they doing? They were questioning the integrity of the election. Some of them have been indicted off evidence of nothing more than a tweet, right? Or a Facebook post. So what does that do to anyone else who wants to speak out? They become afraid. They become fearful for themselves because they’re worried they too could be indicted. I mean, this is the exact strategy that dictators and authoritarians use all across the world. Even Saddam Hussein used this with his political dissidents. Anyone who speaks out again, they get put in the gulag. That’s what we’re seeing here in the state of Georgia. And it scared my fellow senators into speaking out. It scared my fellow representatives into speaking out. And right now, the people demanding their legislators to speak out and call for the special session is about our only hope legislatively.