Gateway Pundit Releases Statement in Response to Fani Willis’s Lies and Misrepresentations of Voter Fraud and Ballot Stuffing at State Farm Center in November 2020 | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

The Gateway Pundit’s official response to the latest Trump indictments by Fani Willis.

The Fulton County, GA indictment of President Trump is a political vendetta and show trial reminiscent of the Soviet Show Trials of the 1930s. Americans have long prided themselves that something like that spectacle and mockery of the judicial system could not happen here. Well, we can pride ourselves on this no longer.

Prosecutors at the state and federal levels are abusing their powers to serve the interests of their political party and the oligarchs who ultimately run this nation. These political prosecutions are an abomination and undermine justice and the rule of law. They erode the public’s faith in the supposed equal and fair application of the law. The weaponization of the “justice system” is a blight on our Republic and the American system of governance.

A substantial portion of the prosecution’s case focuses on attacking President Trump and his attorneys and allies for drawing attention to clearly suspicious conduct throughout election day, 2020, at the State Farm Center. This suspicious conduct was captured by surveillance footage. The footage speaks for itself and anyone can review it to see it:

The footage cries out for scrutiny.

The Gateway Pundit reviewed this video when it was presented to the Georgia Senate by President Trump’s attorneys on December 3, 2023

Upon our review of the video, we believed then and firmly believe now that the video shows:

  • a suspicious stash of ballots being hidden under a table, and
  • a select group of poll workers returning to scan and count the hidden ballots for a further two hours after all independent observers were apparently driven to leave under false pretenses that all counting for the evening was concluded.

Pointing out these patently suspicious activities and drawing the obvious conclusion that fraud was occurring before one’s very eyes is not a crime. Demanding accountability and a free and fair election is not a crime. Petitioning the government for redress of grievances is not a crime.

What is a crime, however, is a corrupt, biased prosecutor (Fani Willis) abusing the powers of her office to initiate politically driven prosecutions. Willis and her office appear to be engaging in a conspiracy to deprive President Trump, his lawyers, and supporters, of their civil rights under the Constitution. Once President Trump prevails in this Soviet-esque show trial, we look forward to his suit against Willis for malicious prosecution. We also question why Georgia leaders have not impeached Willis for her abuse of power already.