Grave Sickness, Affair and Divorce, ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’? Britain’s Prince William and Princess Kate Face the Rumor Mill Going into Overdrive

Gossip, rumor and innuendo are nothing new in the life of the British Royal family. But the situation involving the Prince and Princess of Wales has turned into something else entirely, as several different ‘theories’ are surfacing to try to explain the strange happenings around Kensington Palace.

Years-old rumors about Prince William’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury’s, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, have been resurrected amid Princess Kate’s absence from the spotlight.

Cosmopolitan reported:

“As Late Show host Stephen Colbert put it, ‘The Kingdom has been all a flutter about the seeming disappearance of Kate Middleton. Well now, internet sleuths are guessing that Kate’s absence may be related to her husband, and the future King of England, William, having an affair’.”

The story began in 2019, when tabloids reported a ‘falling-out’ between Kate, William, and Rose in 2019. Then the book ‘In Touch’ book claimed Wills and Rose may have had an affair.

Subsequently, the Daily Mail’s royal reporter Richard Kay claimed both sides were considering ‘legal action’.

But then, the rumors died out – until now, just as King Charles is out of the picture, battling cancer.

William, Kate and the Marchioness in happier times.

“Anyway, veracity aside, a former royal courtier tells the Daily Beast the rumors are “deeply annoying and unhelpful for the palace, but it’s not surprising that the affair rumors are being reheated. What else are people supposed to think when she sends out a photo not wearing her wedding ring?”

Meanwhile, Rose Hanbury’s lawyers tell Business Insider, ‘The rumours are completely false’.”

The courtier is referring to the heavily Mother day’s picture that is helping to fuel the rumor mill.

Slate reported:

“Kate Middleton is dead. Kate Middleton is recovering from a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift]. Kate Middleton is getting a divorce from her husband, Prince William, who killed one of his relatives with a shotgun the other day. All of these are rumors that have circulated online in recent weeks because Kate Middleton has not been seen in public for months, following an abdominal surgery.”

Even the most level-headed writers end up engaging in the public debate about what the hell is going on with William and Kate. ‘Because it has gotten very, very weird, ever more by the day’.

In January, the palace announced that Kate Middleton would have a planned abdominal surgery, and that she would then spend the next few months recovering at home and absenting herself from royal duties.

But “not so much as a snap of her leaving hospital, and you can bet that if the press were able to get those pictures, they’d have got them. […] This, in conjunction with William canceling events at the last minute and showing up in public with what seem to be bruises on his neck shortly after another member of the royal family was found dead, has been a perfect feast for people online to start going loco with conspiracy theories about what is going on in William and Kate’s marriage and in the royal family in general.”

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Then came the Instagram post on William and Kate’s official page, for Mother’s Day: it’s not ideal from an optics perspective that she’s not wearing her wedding ring.

Something truly unprecedented happened, as Reuters, Getty, and the Associated Press all pulled the image.

“Why, given that the palace are well aware of the frenzied speculation about what is going on with Kate Middleton, would they release a heavily manipulated photograph of her? Was this not a moment, above all others, to put out something unimpeachable?”

Kate Middleton may be just having a rough time recovering from a significant medical procedure and wants to be left alone.

Meanwhile, Prince William is said to be deeply upset over how the U.K. press has been treating his wife.

Fox News reported:

“The Prince of Wales has been ‘simmering’ with anger as Princess Kate Middleton is faced with fierce scrutiny and an onslaught of conspiracy theories surrounding her health.

‘William is a very different breed of cat [from that of his father]’, [author Christopher] Andersen said. ‘William broods. He simmers. Then, like his father, he blows. He’s trying to protect his wife’s privacy. He’s always had a grudge against the media, and he is even less likely than his father to feel the need to explain anything. William still blames the press for [his mother’s] death, and for all his outward charm and natural flair for diplomacy, he continues to view reporters as little more than jackals’.”

It’s a rare misstep for the princess, who always boosted the popularity and appeal of the British monarchy worldwide.

“‘William is under so much strain, and he is livid about what is being written and said about his ailing wife’, Andersen said. […] ‘In the midst of all this, William is overwhelmed with having to shoulder such a heavy load while his father battles cancer, and that means little time for self-indulgent tantrums of the sort that the king was famous for. Still, William is bound to crack. It’s only a matter of time. Heads will roll.”

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