Greg Gutfeld Defends Jimmy Fallon From the Cancel Culture Mob in Late Night Rant (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance

Greg Gutfeld Defends Jimmy Fallon From the Cancel Culture Mob in Late Night Rant (VIDEO)

During ‘The Five’ on FOX News on Friday, Greg Gutfeld went on a suprisingly long and expletive filled rant defending late night host and competitor Jimmy Fallon who has come under fire from staffers making allegations about the environment at Fallon’s show.

Apparently, the two have met and Gutfeld found Fallon to be a funny and friendly guy.

Greg’s rant included lots of advice for Fallon, mainly that he should stop apologizing to the mob. Greg said:

“Well this is going to take a while so forgive me Jimmy if you are watching or you have a friend that’s watching. I hope your friend records this and gets this segment to you because no one is going to say this to you. Not your agent who depends on your your paycheck. Not your phony publicist who depends on your paycheck, and not your shrink who depends on your paycheck. But I will because I don’t care.

They’re trying to Ellen DeGeneres you and they’re sad cowards and shitbags because they don’t like people like you. He’s actually a really nice guy, I don’t know if you’ve ever met him. I’m jealous of the guy the guy is so freaking talented. The guy can sing he can dance, he’s he’s funny he’s sweet, I’ve met him at bars he’s he’s a gentle sweet person. He’s great at everything but hiding his own shit and that’s the problem here.

If the drinking story is true that’s sad. If the drinking story isn’t true that’s evil, because he’s being targeted for fake and possibly real reasons to get him fired. Again he’s being Ellened, but the most important thing is, dude, you gotta stop with the apologizing. You are apologizing all the time and you’re apologizing to the people who will never forgive you. None of those people like you. You apologize to your family, you apologize to your friends you apologize to the people you did wrong, but you don’t apologize because your damn PR person told you to.

You don’t apologize because your publicist thinks it’s going to save your job, they want to take your job! How dare you apologize to Anonymous people Anonymous people who go to Rolling Stone, a sham of a scuzzy little magazine. Two words. Duke lacrosse. They have no respect. That was a phony article. Anonymous snakes coming after you and you have to be compelled to apologize to these damn losers. That is not right.”

Watch the whole thing below:

Greg Gutfeld showed a lot of class in doing this. It’s a shame more people in media don’t display the same courage.