Harvard University Encourages Students to go on Food Stamps While Sitting on $53 Billion Endowment | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance

Harvard University is encouraging their students to sign up for food stamps despite the fact that the school is sitting on an endowment that is worth over $50 billion dollars.

Harvard would prefer that their students get food assistance from American taxpayers than from the massive, tax-free nest egg they’re saving for a rainy day.

Do the people who run Harvard have any shame?

Benzinga reports, via Yahoo Finance:

Harvard University Encourages Students To Go On Food Stamps, Even Though It’s the Richest School In The World With A $53 Billion Endowment

Harvard University recently organized an event to support graduate students enrolling in government food assistance programs.

The Health Services office sent a flier to graduate students, encouraging them to participate in the SNAP Benefits Sign-Up event in April. The flier read, “Fuel your body & stock your pantry. Did you know that grad students may qualify for assistance paying for food & groceries?”

Harvard University is the wealthiest academic institution globally, boasting an endowment of approximately $53 billion. With such a substantial endowment, Harvard has the means to support a wide array of academic programs, research endeavors, scholarships and initiatives.

The Harvard Graduate Students Union (HGSU) expressed its view, advocating for more substantial measures to assist graduate students, primarily by increasing their salaries. According to HGSU’s proposal, all graduate student workers should receive a minimum annual salary of $60,000, a significant increase from the current minimum salary of $40,000. The union believes that providing adequate compensation directly to the students would alleviate the need for external assistance programs like SNAP.

This is beyond absurd.

Higher education is in need of a serious overhaul.