HEART-BREAKING Statement from Proud Boy Zach Rehl After His SHOCKING 15 Year Sentence for Protesting on January 6th! SHAME ON THE DISHONORABLE JUDGE KELLY!! | The Gateway Pundit | by Cara Castronuova

Guest writer Marie Goodwyn contributed to this article.

The Dishonorable Judge Kelly shocked the world last week when he handed down the ruthless and politically motivated sentences of Proud Boys Joe Biggs, Zach Rehl, Dominic Pezzola, and Ethan Nordean. (Enrique Tarrio’s sentence is expected to be delivered today.)

Unfortunately, these ‘trials’ have not been televised- or else the nation would be in an uproar over what witnesses say are constitutional crimes being committed by the judges and prosecutors in the kangaroo courtrooms of Washington D.C.

Please read Marine Corps. veteran Zach Rehl’s gut-wrenching recollection of hearing his sentence of 15 years last Thursday:

So my sentencing was heartbreaking for me. I know I’m perceived as some dangerous violent thug, but I am in fact the opposite. I have a loving nature and get along with everyone I meet, I sincerely care about everyone who takes the time to get to know me. It is why I had so many people show up to my sentencing hearing, where we filled our entire side and spilled over to the government’s side, despite living all the way in Philly. Its because I’m a genuinely good person and I’m proud of that.

Now, I knew I wasn’t going home on Thursday, but I was hoping that the sentence was going to be reasonable based on the charges, this way I could hopefully do some programs and maybe be home this year or next. But they weren’t. We all found out Joe Biggs was sentenced to 17 years, 17, for not doing anything violent at all.

So the moment I walked into that packed courtroom, all I seen were tears, family crying before the judge even spoke a word about me. We all knew what this day was going to be about. It was about insane sentences that do not fit the crime and all to take down Trump, not to actually serve justice. But I knew this already, because prior to my arrest, head FBI agent Christopher Wray stated that they would ensure every single person charged would plead guilty to something no matter what. No matter what. That’s not serving justice. Serving justice is finding people who committed crimes guilty of charges- not finding ways to make sure people are guilty of charges if they are innocent.

Semper Fidelis Zach Rehl. Thank you for your service to America. We are sorry that the Government you fought for has now come after you. Love, the American People.

So, I was mentally prepared for the absolute worst all along. The first day I was denied bail, two days after my arrest on March 17th, 2021, I knew this had nothing to do with me, or about serving justice. It was about making sure Trump does not run for president again, and when it became evident he would run, that he would have no chance to win. So they created this illusion of an “innnnsuuuuurrection” (make sure you play the sound of thunder and lightening in your head when you read that for proper effect.) When all that happened was a protest gone bad, one of many that happened in the 12 months prior. They are terrible, people get hurt, things get broken- but they happen and they are an uncontrollable result of political tensions, especially when they get too high. That was an example of tensions getting too high. People were upset, they wanted their voices heard, and cops acted too aggressive at times and helped cause the whole thing to get out of control.

To say that 5 men were responsible for orchestrating the whole thing though is absurd. The crowd that came from the Ellipse where President Trump gave his speech surrounded the whole Capitol building around the same time, which is approximately 800 yards wide, that’s 8 football fields. To say 5 men controlled that is insane.

The government said we were responsible anyway. As the judge struggled to justify what he was planning to hand down, all I could do is shake my head and look on helplessly as my family hears the ridiculous narrative from the prosecution. I eventually got to speak, which I imagine may have had little effect on my sentence, but I gave one anyway. I almost didn’t do it, because I knew this sentence was handed down to be a gut puncher and not a lesson learner, but when all was said and done, I did so anyway. Not for the judge, not for me, but for my family. Since my speech, my haters have attacked me for going back on my word, which I did not do. I considered giving them a headline by bad mouthing the Proud Boys with the hopes of shaving off a few years, but decided against it because I have too much integrity. I also said I wish I never got involved with politics and said doing so was why I was here. If I never did, I would have never met the Proud Boys or ever went to a rally. It’s a fact. The rest, was all to tell my family I loved them and missed them, and would do anything to be in their lives again. I meant that.

It meant so much to me, I bawled my eyes out saying it, while they bawled their eyes out listening…because they knew I meant it. I am not some monster who tried to lead an insurrection against our country. I’m a proud Marine Corps veteran, father of two, husband, son, brother, cousin and friend of many. I went down there to protest in support of President Trump and did so with a lot of friends of mine that I met through the Proud Boys. The prosecution says that we led “an army” of 200 PBs to attack the Capital, but they leave out the fact that only 15 PBs were arrested, most of which were charged with trespassing, the rest never entered Capitol grounds and went back to their hotels to drink, which I did two hours later.

I didn’t break anything, I didn’t hurt anyone, and I didn’t tell anyone to either. There was no plan and there was no conspiracy, unless one done by the government. The fact that I was just sentenced to 15 years for merely walking around public property, whether we were authorized at the time or not, is a miscarriage of justice and should have all Americans calling their Congress people and saying, enough is enough! I lost my military disability pension due to this and need all your help to keep us in the fight! Please donate to our legal defend fund so this doesn’t happen to you or your friends or family.”

**Please contribute to Zach’s fundraiser for his appeal HERE (https://www.givesendgo.com/defendzach). His military benefits have been canceled by the government he fought for, putting his family in a dire situation as well.

Zach Rehl as a free man before his persecution by the Biden Regime.

Zachary Rehl has to date received one of the longest sentences (fifteen years) among the five Proud Boys assigned to Judge Timothy Kelly. A successful entrepreneur from Philadelphia, Zach is married and the father of 2 beautiful very young children. He has not been able to hold his new daughter in his arms since he was arrested right before her birth and if he serves his full sentence, she will be graduating from high school around the time he gets out. Zach is a typical American conservative who believes in the Constitution. He, like many others, was in DC in order to exercise his constitutional right to ask for a redress of grievances. It never entered his mind that the event would get out of hand and result in his arrest, or that of any others. For many, it was a joyful patriotic day that got out of control after the police started to attack peaceful protesters.

Zach Rehl with fellow Proud Boy and co-defendant Ethan Nordean in the act of committing the crime that will put them away for close to two decades apiece- using a megaphone, chanting and marching peacefully.

He is being punished for being part of a group that has been unfairly demonized by the Biden Regime and their minions in the media. He is being punished with a sentence that is far greater than most real criminals- like murderous Antifa members- ever get.  The most severe sentence we know of for an Antifa/BLM protester is four years for arson (actually burning down a police station). The left, who is letting criminals destroy our cities and refuses to protect the population, firmly intends to fill the prisons with J6’ers and any other political opponents. This is not the America we thought we knew.


It is interesting to note that Judge Kelly, a sad Trump appointee, sees himself as more than fair. He even congratulated himself during the delivery of his sentences for giving such lenient sentences compared to what the prosecution wanted. If you pray, please pray for the impeachment of this now criminal judge who has broken his oath to the Constitution so he can stop hurting people. Judge Kelly’s bias was noticeable during the trial. He denied the defense the right to show video exculpatory evidence favorable to the defendants, while allowing the prosecutors to show anything they wanted, including montages of other people–having nothing to do with the Proud Boys–misbehaving . This seems to be a favorite tactic used by prosecutors to enrage the jury.

It is clear to any fair-minded person that a sentences of ten to eighteen years of incarceration for walking on a lawn and entering a building through open doors is abhorrent and undeserved–a travesty of justice. Of course, the Proud Boys have been vilified by the media for several years while the same media protects Antifa, a violent far-left group, whose primary purpose is to disrupt conservative rallies, mercilessly attacking attendees. Apparently Judge Kelly’s judgment (no pun intended) has been clouded by the Regime media’s propaganda and lies.

The Dishonorable Judge Kelly years ago. This photo is not an accurate representation of Kelly yet it is the only photo of him available online. Since the taking of this photograph the Kelly has gained considerable weight and lost most of his hair.

Another problem to note in the trial of the Proud Boys, as well as all the other trials of January 6th defendants, is that jury members have been deemed to be ‘victims’ of January 6th by the government. If the government really believes that all D.C. residents (including judges) are ‘victims’ of January 6th’, they should be disqualified from acting as fair and impartial jurors and the trials should be moved to other states. ‘Victims’ have never been accepted in jury selection- so this is a new low for the American justice system. No jury in DC has been fair to the January 6th defendants, and it is far from being “a jury of their peers”. On the contrary, the jury has been conditioned by the Biden Regime to look at Trump Supporters like THEY ARE THEIR ENEMIES.

We believe that if these cases had not been about January 6th, judges would have recused themselves, but it seems that the reasons behind them not doing so are purely political. The January 6th defendants, early on nicknamed “J6ers” for short, have been called political prisoners. It is easy to see the reason why. Of the many trials by jury or bench trials, only two defendants were found not guilty, while almost all others with the exact same charges were given prison sentences, fines and restitution to be paid. In many cases, exculpatory evidence is withheld by the prosecution. We can only hope this will give the defense solid grounds for appeal.

Zach Rehl proudly graduates a school program after his service as a United States Marine.

The Proud Boys have been falsely labeled a white supremacist organization by the media, which is obviously ridiculous as their chapters have representation of all races in their membership. Have these so-called reporters not seen that Enrique Tarrio, the former Chairman of the Proud Boys, is a black Latino American? But apparently for the media just as for Joe Biden “If you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

The Biden Regime has used the Proud Boy drinking fraternity as fall guys for January 6th as part of their diabolical plan to keep President Trump out of office. The Proud Boys are also being used as examples to American citizens in all 50 states and abroad of what will happen to you if you dare protest the Regime. #FreeTheBoys

…but remember no matter what, in the end GOD WINS.


The Proud Boys, full of pride and patriotism, marched for freedom before their persecution by the Biden Regime.

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