HERE WE GO: Minnesota Begins Process For Issuing Driver’s Licenses to 81,000 Illegal Aliens | The Gateway Pundit | by David Greyson

HERE WE GO: Minnesota Begins Process For Issuing Driver’s Licenses to 81,000 Illegal Aliens

Minnesota is set to give about 81,000 illegal aliens driver’s licenses. Applicants are now allowed to start the process but won’t be able to officially apply until the new law goes into effect on October 1st.

The new law dubbed “Driver’s License For All,” opens up the door for voter fraud since all a person needs to register to vote online is a Minnesota driver’s license.

Fox News reports:

People living in Minnesota without legal immigration status can now begin the process of getting their driver’s license by making an appointment for their written driver’s test, state officials announced at a news conference Thursday.

Around 81,000 people are expected to be eligible under the state’s new law — dubbed “Driver’s License for All.” They can now make appointments to apply but won’t be able to actually get a license until the law goes into effect Oct. 1.

“We’re incredibly proud to be a part of a handful of states that offer driver’s license for all,” said Pong Xiong, Driver and Vehicle Services Director at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, at the news conference. “And the first step to getting your driver’s license is to pass that written test.”

The new law removes the requirements for applicants to show legal presence, said Jody-Kay Peterson, the department’s Driver Services Program Director.

Proponents of the new law claim it will make the roads safer because more drivers will be licensed, but the opponents say that it will encourage more illegal immigration. The driver services program director Jody-Kay Peterson even said the department will not help any immigration law enforcement regarding potential deportations. So basically they want to encourage people to break the law and cover for them.


This is not surprising for a state that is run by leftist extremists. It’s also a reflection of the National problem we are having at the Southern Border. Millions of illegals have flooded our country and many are being treated better than some of our citizens.

Gateway previously reported on the impact of illegal immigration:

The economic impact of illegal immigration is catastrophic for the American taxpayer. According to a new study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), illegal immigration costs American taxpayers at least $151 billion each year.

The study assesses things like education, welfare, medical costs, and justice enforcement at both the federal and state level to arrive at the staggering sum. Individual American taxpayers are paying almost $1,200 per year EACH to finance the illegal crisis.

Border communities, besieged by Biden’s broken border policies and abandoned by the federal government, are facing an even greater burden.