HERE WE GO: School District in South Texas Closes Down Due to ‘Uptick’ in Covid Cases | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

Here we go!

It must be election season because Covid mask mandates and lockdowns are slowly coming back.

A school district in South Texas just outside of San Antonio closed down temporarily due to an ‘uptick’ in Covid cases.

Runge ISD closed down this week and will reportedly open back up on Tuesday, August 29 due to 10 Covid cases among teachers and staffers.

Extracurricular activities were also suspended.

“The safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community is a top priority,” Superintendent Hector Dominguez Jr. said in a statement, according to KSAT.

Mask mandates, contact tracing and social distancing rules are also slowly coming back.

Morris Brown College, a private institution in Atlanta, has announced that it will require students and employees to wear face masks on campus once again.

The decision comes just a week after classes began and will be in effect for two weeks – even though there are no reported Covid cases on campus.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey has confirmed that it will disenroll students who refuse to comply with their vaccine requirement.

Hollywood studio Lionsgate has reinstated a mask mandate for nearly half of the company’s employees at its flagship office located in Santa Monica, California.