Horrifying Video Shows Vicious Knife Attack On Yet Another Subway

A video surfaced of another knife attack Monday on a subway train in Queens, New York City, ABC7 New York reported.

The video shows a man appearing to pummel another individual as they appear to be tumbling about between two rows of seats on the Far Rockaway Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) train at about 3:45 p.m. and another man rushing to the scene in an apparent effort to separate the pair. The train was approaching the Locust Manor station at the time, according to ABC7 New York.

“Get off of him, bro! He can’t do nothing to you, bro!” the man who appeared intent on separating the pair could be heard saying. The victim’s hand could be seen clutching the suspect’s clothing at one point, and it appeared bloodied, the video showed.

The 27-year-old victim and his alleged 32-year-old attacker had got into an alleged altercation that devolved into a fight, police sources told ABC7 New York. This reportedly led to the suspect allegedly slashing the victim’s face with a box cutter, according to police.

A slashing just happened on the Far Rockaway LIRR train at 3:45pm. #mta #lirr #nyc pic.twitter.com/pQJWw4TUGg

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The victim was trying to board the train but the suspect was in their way, a witness told ABC7 New York. The victim reportedly asked the suspect to get out of the way and finally boarded the train and took a seat. The suspect then approached the victim and asked if he “said something to him,” the witness recalled to the outlet. An argument reportedly ensued, leading up to the alleged slashing.

The train was held up for nearly an hour because of the incident, the outlet reported.

“Weapons have no place on trains, and we are grateful for the rapid response of [New York City Police Department] officers who kept passengers safe and arrested the perpetrator,” MTA spokeswoman Meghan Keegan stated, according to ABC7 New York. (RELATED: Intense Video Captures Moment Man Gets Shot In Head On New York Subway)

The incident came only five days after a man seized a gun from his alleged attacker and shot them in the head Thursday on a subway train in Brooklyn, according to New York Police Department (NYPD) officials. The alleged attacker was identified as DaJuan Robinson, 36, and the victim a 32-year-old fellow straphanger Younece Obuad, sources told the New York (NY) Post.

Obuad and Robinson allegedly got into a scuffle, and Obuad allegedly seized Robinson’s gun and fired four shots, one striking Robinson in the eye, NYPD Chief Michael Kemper stated, the NY Post reported.