House Republicans File Suit Against DOJ Tax Attorneys In Hunter Biden Investigation

The House Judiciary Committee, spearheaded by Republicans, has initiated suit against two Justice Department lawyers Thursday, NBC News reported.

This lawsuit aims to get Mark Daly and Jack Morgan, two Justice Department lawyers, to testify because they might know important details about the case against the president’s son. The main focus of the investigation is whether Hunter Biden got special treatment from the Justice Department and if President Joe Biden used his power to affect the investigation into his son, according to NBC News.

Efforts to secure voluntary testimony from Daly and Morgan through subpoenas issued in September and February have hit a wall, prompting the committee to request a court mandate for their deposition. Despite attempts to reach an accommodation for their testimony, the attorneys have remained absent from scheduled depositions, including the one planned for March 1. (RELATED: Whistleblower Alleges CIA Intervened To Block Interview With Key Hunter Biden Associate, Comer And Jordan Say)

House Republicans are suing two Justice Department officials for defying subpoenas that requested their appearance for depositions as a part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Biden and his involvement with his family’s foreign business…

— The Washington Times (@WashTimes) March 21, 2024

“The Judiciary Committee has attempted to make reasonable accommodations for Daly’s and Morgan’s testimony, but those efforts are at an impasse, and Daly and Morgan continue to refuse to appear for their depositions,” the lawsuit said, the outlet reported.

Amid growing scrutiny of Hunter’s actions, he has pleaded not guilty to nine tax charges in California, including three felonies, as well as facing charges for illegally having a gun while using drugs, NBC News stated. The Justice Department insists it wants to help with the committee’s investigation but criticizes the aggressive move to force lower-level prosecutors to testify.

“It is unfortunate that despite this extraordinary cooperation from senior DOJ officials, the Committee has decided, after waiting for months, to continue seeking to depose line prosecutors about sensitive information from ongoing criminal investigations and prosecutions,” she said. “We will continue to protect our line personnel and the integrity of their work. We will review the filings and respond in court.”