Hunger Games: EPA Will Not Clean Up Toxic Chemical Spill in Trump-Voting Ohio District East Palestine Until 2024… If Ever (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Toxic chemical explosion in East Palestine, Ohio after 2023 train derailment.

The Biden regime not only does not care about the horrific suffering of residents in East Palestine, Ohio they seem to revel in it.

Just remember, they refused outright assistance to the town for weeks following a massive train derailment and mushroom cloud toxic chemical explosion.

The Daily Mail reported in late February that the EPA ordered Norfolk Southern to pause the clean-up of the toxic train derailment that happened on February 3. The EPA claims the stop would be “temporary.”

Purdue scientists and students studied over 300 samples in and around East Palestine, Ohio, in March. In February state and federal officials decided to blow up six railcars of toxic chemicals in the town after a train derailment. This resulted in a toxic chemical mushroom cloud over the region.

The toxic chemical explosion caused animal and plant life to die off over 100 miles downstream from the Ohio town.

Purdue investigators were on site collecting samples after the toxic chemical explosion. Pittsburgh researchers found low levels of six different carcinogens that the EPA did not detect.

In March EPA chief Michael Regan warned Ohio parents to keep their children out of the local creeks and streams following the toxic chemical mushroom cloud explosion in early February.

Joe Biden has NEVER visited the disaster site.

This weekend FOX News reporter Garrett Tenney reported that the EPA will not clean up the toxic chemical spill in East Palestine until next year – if it ever happens.

The regime knows these poor people will not vote for Joe Biden or the radical Democrats – so there you have it.