Iowa Voters Leave CNN Hosts “Perplexed” After Providing Politically Incorrect Answers on the Trump Indictments, Ukraine, and More – Then CNN Snidely Insults the Voters (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger

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If there was any doubt CNN has zero clue what people around the heartland believe, this was erased Thursday.

The Blaze reported Friday that CNN hosts Dana Bash and John King were left “perplexed” at Iowa voters’ answers to the most pressing issues of the day including the Trump prosecutions, Ukraine, and 2020 election fraud. They simply could not understand why voters no longer trusted them.

The segment opens with King making a recent visit to Iowa to speak with voters. As it begins, King haughtily intoned that the voters’ “reverence for Ronald Reagan” and “optimism” has been overridden by Trump’s grievances, “disdain of big government” and “Trump’s distrust of just about everything.” Their answers below certainly explain why King was so triggered.

One man said that he completely agreed with Trump’s claim that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from him.

I think he (Trump) thinks he (Biden) stole it from him. And I and and lot of people agree with him.

The voter also went on to blast the disgraceful Trump prosecutions being carried out by the Biden regime and their cronies.

Nothing about that deal is the American way.

One of the more notable moments in the video occurs when King asked the voters to raise their hands if they think the voters should be supporting Ukraine in the fight against Putin.

Not a single one raises their hand!


One voter raised an interesting theory that all the money being spent over in Ukraine is being used to cover up Hunter and the Biden Crime Family’s corruption.

Is the war over there being used to cover up sins committed (by the Bidens) so they can cover their (the Bidens) tracks? There’s too much money that’s been thrown over there.

Another man then noted you cannot trust anything the government has said because they have “shut down Twitter and Facebook” and ordered them to “not show certain news stories.”

Once the segment concluded, King and Bash could not understand why the voters were not buying the falsehoods their network has propagated for decades. Surely they would use these next moments for some introspection?

No, they instead started insulting the voters and said they were the problem. Bash started off by ranting about how these intelligent Iowa residents were “seeped in these completely conspiratorial questions and thoughts.”

One of the things that struck me first and foremost, obviously, was — and it really, in my gut, in my heart — was just how seeped in these completely conspiratorial questions and thoughts are in the zeitgeist, particularly when you are talking to Republicans who consume conservative media who don’t tell them the whole truth

King was a bit more sympathetic toward the voters but still quite condescending. He implied that the voters were completely brainwashed by Tucker Carlson, particularly on Ukraine.

When you hear the Ukraine exchange there, it’s like watching the open of an old Tucker Carlson show. He’s not there any more, but that’s what it is.

They’re good people. They raise money for the Girl Scouts. They go to church. But they believe things that would break our fact-check machine. That’s just a fact. And they don’t trust us. They think we’re part of the problem.

That is because they are part of the problem. As the Blaze notes, they hardly bother fact-checking Biden’s numerous lies. 11 of the 12 recent fact-checks have targeted Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and one even sought to defend Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal.

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