Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Announces Resignation After Crushing Referendum Defeat

Among a continental shift to the right, that sees populist and conservative parties making big gains all through Europe, the ‘progressive center’ (a.k.a. Liberal/Globalist) has suffered another severe blow.

Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) Leo Varadkar will step down as party leader immediately, and resign as taoiseach as soon as his Fine Gael [party] successor is selected.

The unexpected exit sent shockwaves through the political system, and raises expectations of an early election.

Politico reported:

“One part of leadership is knowing when the time has come to pass on the baton to somebody else, and then having the courage to do it. That time is now. […] After careful consideration and some soul searching, I believe that a new Taoiseach and a new leader will be better placed than me to achieve that. To renew and strengthen the team, to focus our message and policies, to drive implementation. And after seven years in office, I don’t feel I’m the best person for that job anymore.”

Varadkar’s announcement comes just days after he suffered a ‘two-wallop political defeat’ at the Referendum, when voters widely rejected his proposed changes expanding the definition of family in the Constitution to recognize ‘durable relationships’ – such as cohabiting couples and their children – and replacing the language around ‘women in the home’ with language recognizing care within families.

Varadkar was the youngest-ever Irish leader, the first biracial and first openly gay prime minister – all good liberal credentials.

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BBC reported:

“Announcing his resignation, Mr Varadkar described leading his country as ‘the most fulfilling time of my life’.

[…] Northern Ireland’s First Minister Michelle ‘O’Neill said it was ‘time for an election’ in the Republic of Ireland.

‘Now is not a time for the rearranging of the deck chairs’, the Sinn Féin vice president said.

She described Fine Gael’s time in power as ’13 years of failure’.”

To translate Varadkar’s legacy: he is proud that he ‘made the country a more equal and more modern place’ when it comes to the rights of children [gender ‘transitions’], the LGBT community, equality for women and their bodily autonomy [abortions].

Same old Globalist demonic playbook.

Slán [goodbye], Varadkar!

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