Is ERIC Using DMV Lists to Create Targeted Unregistered Voter Lists – And Who Gets These Lists? | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

How does the left and corrupt “Muskegon” type outfits know which names to use when compiling bulk voter registrations? How are they inflating voter rolls with certain names that can pass an initial smell test a ballot is from a real resident?

Here’s one of the problems.

In one way or another, almost every person age 16 and above interacts with their State’s DMV/MVD. If you move into a State you need new registration, plates, and DL. When you turn 16, you need a “Learner’s Permit” or DL. If your vehicle registration expires, you change vehicles, register a boat, or just need an ID to obtain public assistance, or other. You need the DMV. The State’s DMV database is by far the most comprehensive list of voting age residents.

Subtracting those already registered to vote, from the names in the State’s DMV database, provides a solid list of residents not registered to vote. It’s one reason why leftists want driver licenses given to illegal aliens. They can collect more names of residents (potential voters), especially people in the shadows. Back in 2010, roughly 75% of our adult population was registered to vote.

ERIC Founder David Becker in 2018: “ERIC Is the single most effective voter registration drive in the history of the United States”

This is when Pew Charitable Trust created their “Voter Modernization Project”. They went after those remaining 25% of EBU’s (Eligible But Unregistered) because most of these residents fit the Democrat profile (low income, young, race). Guided by David Becker, Pew pitched this two part project to each State. The mission critical part was for States to start using “online voter registration”. It gave outside groups located anywhere, access to local VotReg systems. It is blatantly abused now.

The other part was for States to join Pew’s non-profit called ERIC. A State pays roughly $40k annually for ERIC for membership. The State is then required to give all their private DMV data to ERIC every 60 days. Signatures on founding documents show ERIC was drawn up by Pew lawyers, not by bi-partisan election officials. Pew lawyers, along with ERIC founder David Becker, also drew up legislation some States used to codify ERIC into their State laws.

No one else has access to DMV data like ERIC. Not political parties, not campaigns, no one. Although 9 States recently pulled out, ERIC still has access to DMV data from over 20 States. Member States refuse to provide any transparency on the EBU (Eligible But Unregistered) lists created by ERIC. These States are required to use taxpayer dollars and solicit people on these ERIC created lists to register. This can cost hundreds of thousands. GOTV is not the role of election offices!

Many feel ERIC’s access to DMV data is against the law. In 1994 the federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) was created, then updated in 1999 to further protect our privacy. It has strict guidelines for the collection, disclosure, and use of personal information obtained by DMV offices across the country. Your interactions and information with the DMV is private, unless express consent is obtained by you.

There are 13 provisions listed in DPPA that allow driver information to be shared without permission. This includes insurance activities, notice for towing and impounds, emissions and recall notifications, law enforcement activities, and so on. The DPPA law DOES NOT allow the use of DMV data for voter registration. ERIC’s membership agreements, or any State law mandating the use of ERIC, does not override the federal DPPA laws.

Some legal teams have analyzed ERIC’s possible violation of DPPA. Civil lawsuits allow individuals to seek damages and attorney’s fees. Regulatory authorities can impose civil penalties on DPPA violations too. Limiting ERIC’s access to DMV data can also level the election playing field.

** One high-profile legal organization has conducted a promising investigation. They need $500k to move forward with a targeted ERIC lawsuit. Contact TGP if you can provide substantial financial help.

See for yourself that ERIC is a registration con job. At the 22:19 mark of this video, ERIC founder David Becker proclaims “ERIC Is the single most effective voter registration drive in the history of the United States”. On stage with Becker is Jeff Jonas, founder of the company Senzing. They have been providing ERIC with data their scrubbing software since inception. In this other video, Becker admits ERIC disproportionally targets Democrat profile voters.

ERIC does provide four reports that can be helpful in cleaning voter rolls. They are not automatically sent to a State. The member must “request” these reports from ERIC, available monthly. TGP then noticed a trend. After joining ERIC, most States rarely made regular or recurring requests for these reports. It seems their urgency was to start pumping private DMV data to ERIC, not cleaning their voting rolls.

Wisconsin was the worst. They only requested 3 “cleaning reports” in their first five years with ERIC (2016-20). However, the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) was sending their entire DMV dataset to ERIC every few months, like clockwork. Sarah Whitt, the person in charge of the registration database, left WEC and joined ERIC. Wisconsin now requests ERIC reports almost every month.

Just 4 months after Brad Raffensperger was sworn in as the new SOS, he signed Georgia to join ERIC. This was May of 2019, and when Jordan Fuchs was appointed the ERIC Board member for Georgia. She served on this Board until April 2022. Georgia started pumping DMV data to ERIC almost immediately after joining. Fuchs was the person who secretly recorded Trump’s phone call, and purposely lied to the WaPo in 2021.  She continued on the board for a year after she was caught in this devastating lie.