It Begins. Anti-White Hate Group Meets with Twitter-X to Set Policy on Hate Speech | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Five-time UFC/MMA Champion Jake Shields highlighted a disturbing development at Twitter-X.

The new Twitter-X CEO Linda Yaccarino recently met with Jonathan Greenblatt, the the CEO of the former civil rights group the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Since its early days as a civil rights group the ADL, under the leadership of Jonathan Greenblatt, has morphed into a toxic far-left mouthpiece that maliciously targets and labels any person or entity that sits on the right side of Karl Marx.

Greenblatt is itching to start silencing and censoring conservatives again on Twitter like the good old days.

The ADL is also a bigoted group that openly hates and discriminates against white people.

Here are just two examples of their hateful, bigoted beliefs.

The ADL have joined several leftist groups in recent years to target, censor and silence all conservative voices on the right. The Gateway Pundit has been a frequent target of this hate group despite the fact that TGP has ALWAYS been one of the most vocal supporters of Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for over a decade now.

But the ADL wants to silence us and others because of the far-left madness of their current leadership.

The ADL also HATES Trump – the most pro-Israel US president in history.